Corona Virus Quarantine Day #329: Lent! Wednesday, February 17, 2021

We had our third straight day off school today! So much for those papers I need to grade.

In many ways it’s been nice for the kids to play and just hang out. We’ve gotten some precious time to chat about Lent and what it means!

Tonight for a change of pace I simply asked the kids two questions: what is your favorite snow day activity and what are you giving up and/or doing for Lent.

Here are their answers:

Cooper: my favorite snow activity is ice skating on the pond!

Lent: I gave up candy and I plan to pray a decade of the rosary for a different person every night.

Finley: Mine is definitely sledding. But since it’s been too cold it’s awesome to play in the barn.

Lent: I gave up candy as well and I am also going to pray with mom and Cooper each night for someone.

Ellen: my favorite snow day activity would be sledding if it wasn’t too cold to do it. I like to play games with mom and dad and my siblings in the barn best when we can’t sled.

Lent: I gave up all sweets and I’m joining Finley, Cooper and mom in praying for a special person each night.

Fiona: my favorite snow day activity is sledding AND drinking hot chocolate when we are done. But it’s too cold to sled now so I like playing crazy games in the barn like freeze dance and sharks and minnow dodge ball.

Lent: I gave up candy and I am going to write a note to someone different every single night. I wrote to mom tonight.

Fletcher: my favorite snow day activity is definitely (he emphasized this word) sledding and snow ball fights. I don’t like that it’s so cold and mommy won’t let us sled in this cold. I like to play hide and go seek in the house the best when we can’t sled.

Lent: I’m giving up watching George!

Mommy is also giving up sweets. I have no doubt that this will be a tough one for me but I’m excited to give it a go. I started my gratitude journal and 10 minute quiet time in prayer as well and as the kids said, I’m joining them for a decade of the rosary dedicated to someone else.

I have always loved Lent and the Easter season so I’m excited for it to get underway!

At bed time tonight with all the talk of Lent Fletcher whispered to me, “Mommy, how many days until Easter?”

He’s already counting down the days til the Bunny makes his visit. Little stinker!



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