Corona Virus Quarantine Day #325: Fiona Bell Dorsey: February 13, 2021:

9 years ago today at 6:24 pm Fiona Bell Dorsey came screaming into the world. It was one of the happiest days of our entire life.

I can still remember vividly the day we found out we were pregnant with this little lady. After we had the triplets we were told we’d never again have a natural born child. Ummmm…..whoopsies. They got that one wrong and thank the good LORD! What a blessing Fiona Bell Dorsey is to us and all she encounters.

The day Fiona was born I was in class teaching American History while in labor. My students quickly started were freaking out while I thought I was casually writing down my contractions and their frequency and going under the radar. They figured me out real quick. I can remember when I was mid contraction and I had to sit down on a desk to catch my breath and one of the boys in my class stood up and said “you cannot have this baby in this room Mrs. Dorsey.” I will never forget that. He was panicked. He panicked everyone else.

One of my sweet students walked me to my car after class and I drove home (against many people’s wishes) to get Bryan so we could go to the hospital.

When we arrived at Overland Park Regional the nurse that checked us in was the nurse I had when I went into labor with the triplets. When she saw us, with child, in labor, to say she was shocked is a bit of an understatement.

They had me walking the halls to make her arrive quickly and that she did. I told Bryan jokingly that I hoped she’d be there in time to watch Wheel of Fortune, she complied by arriving in fashion at 6:24 pm…just in time for Wheel of Fortune.

From moment one this child has been the original ninja! She was walking at 8.5 months old, jumping off the fireplace at 10 months and flipping out of her crib early on waking me at the early hour of the night. We had to put her in a regular bed early on because she wouldn’t stay in the darn crib. I remember being worried that she’d be able to get out of the house without us knowing because she was such a crazy ninja.

I can still remember the first time she walked. She was watching Finley, Ellen and Cooper walking around she just gave them a weird look and stood up and walked across the room. It was crazy watching such a small human being walking.

GOD really blessed us 9 years ago when she arrived on the scene making our family that much more special!

She is incredibly competitive and also very sweet. She gives the best snuggles and the greatest hugs. She loves her family more than anything and competes like a boss. She is very smart, works hard in school and writes the best notes. She loves all sports and loves to play in the barn with her siblings and cousins. Volleyball is her favorite…but she sure does love to steal the basketball from other people and she really wants to go to Stanford (thanks a lot Fitz and Jenna!). She loves to go to St. James and loves do be involved in the Lemon Out event. She is a dare devil, loves fruit more than any human I know (especially pineapple) and could watch the show “Bunked” every single day if I’d let her. She giggles like crazy. She is a fierce and loyal friend and sister. I can’t even being to tell you how much joy this human being brings into our life.

Thank you to all the people that helped make her day extra special.

Her favorite picture of the year!



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