Corona Virus Quarantine Day #319: Super Bowl Sadness: Sunday, February 7, 2021:

The Dorsey, Hall, Gile crew had a Super Bowl gathering tonight. My nephew Pete selected this for his Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa and it was a blast.

The party was complete with delicious food, party bags and even sparkling cider with champagne flutes to celebrate (hopefully). Sadly, we didn’t get to celebrate but we did get to have fun family time that has been missing from our lives for a long time.

I will share lots of photos and a few thoughts about the game.

In case you were unclear about how loud an annoying these suckers are…here is video proof.
Some video of the fun we had during this get together. Our kids are so lucky to have so many cousins to have fun with. For reference, no one was injured in the filming of this video.
The Dorsey, Hall, Gile crowd pulled out all the stops to help the Chiefs to victory. Sadly, none of our efforts were successful. Including this beautiful rendition of “who let the dogs out?”
Our meditative efforts didn’t seem to work either….
Our prayers didn’t do the trick either…
Our Chiefs chants were also not helpful. Such a bummer. At least we made memories!

The only thing any of this successfully did was alert my watch (numerous times) that the noise level would damage my hearing. I was acutely aware of this already.

A little happy birthday singing!

I will keep my post game observations for another day. I am just grateful that we got an opportunity to be in the game, cheer on our home town team and gather as a family for the first time in forever (cue Anna and Elsa, or at least I started singing it).

It was disappointing that they lost but there were definitely some lessons to be learned (more on that later).

Until next year (hopefully) Super Bowl!



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