Corona Virus Quarantine Day #318: Chiefsmas Eve: Saturday, February 6, 2021:

I don’t know about the rest of you….but I’m so glad the Super Bowl is tomorrow. This has felt like the longest week of the year. I’m pretty sure we actually lived a month this week.

The kids have been asking all week how many more days until the Chiefs play. I can’t imagine how the Chiefs players must feel as they are playing in the actual game.

It was spirit week at St. James and Sacred Heart so as I’ve already pointed out that brings out a craziness that makes the week feel longer as well.

I’m just ready to know the outcome of the game. I know I’m not alone.

Today we attended, or should I say, divided and conquered 5 different basketball games. I wouldn’t want to spend my Saturday any other way.

Except…sometimes the behavior I see in gyms makes me cringe. Or should I say, every weekend the behavior I see in gyms makes me cringe…more on that later.

I’m beat. This week has beat me down for a variety of reasons, the least of which is the anticipation of a Super Bowl football game.

Now a few videos I was able to capture from my weekend….It’s not my strength so don’t judge me.

Cooper Claerhout making a lay up in their game today!
Fiona Bell doing the same!
Fletchy getting his buckets.

A few highlights from my day…Fletcher told me tonight when I put him to bed that next week he’s going to score 100 points next week. That should be interesting. Stay tuned.



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