Corona Virus Quarantine Day #311, #312: January Gray: Saturday, January 30, Sunday, January 31, 2021:

Anyone else have a case of the January gray? I have always felt like this month has dragged on and on and always felt a little dark, both literally and figuratively.

I saw this and it made me laugh out loud. Yes. It felt like an entire year in January…at least for me!

Maybe it’s because the month after Christmas which is filled with so much light and so much fun, I’m not sure…but I know that I’m feeling it. Tomorrow starts the month of February, another month that is often filled with grayish grossness but as I lay in bed last night I decided it was time to stop allowing the cold weather, long month and gray sky determine my mood.

So, last night we had dinner with friends and their beautiful girls. We played volleyball in the gym and ate cookies and laughed. It was glorious.

This afternoon I taught the game I love to people I love and it filled me up. I watched our kids play sports they love with friends and come home and want to play some more.

I made dinner and we ate together. We watched America’s Funniest Home videos and I snuggled on the couch with Fletcher (a rare occurrence these days).

It’s time to find joy in the little things. Something I try to do most days but feel like I’ve been failing lately.

Today I read about a little girl who died from complications from pediatric cancer. When I read of this little girls passing I was struck with the most incredible perspective. All the things I am worried about on a daily basis that are impacting my mood or my day or my attitude are not nearly as heavy as what this sweet family is dealing with. This family has been battling childhood cancer for years and now their sweet little girl is an angel. As I write those words I feel incredible guilt for worrying about things that are trivial in comparison. We all need that perspective from time to time. It’s not that our worries aren’t real or valid, but sometimes we need to take a deep breath and realize things aren’t quite as worrisome or bad as we thought.

So tonight I plan to pray a rosary for this family and I am committing to restart my gratitude journal…something I have done in the past but have gotten away from because of the busyness of life. Life is never too busy to write down what I am thankful for.

Writing this here will hold me accountable. Tomorrow the kids will restart theirs as well.

I’m thankful for a weekend with my favorite people watching them do some of their favorite things.

I love to hear them cheer for each other. It makes a mom’s heart happy!



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