Corona Virus Quarantine Day #310: I Wanna Know…: Thursday, January 28, 2021:

I’ll apologize in advance for this post…but I really wanna know…

I really wanna know how we can send a satellite into space that orbits the Earth but we cannot find a better way to take images of a women’s breasts to detect breast cancer.

I really wanna know how we can create a vaccine for a new and horrible virus in less than a year but we cannot find a better way to take images of a women’s breasts to detect breast cancer.

I wanna know how we can build self driving tractors that can plant a whole field without a human inside…but we cannot find a better way to take images of a women’s breasts to detect breast cancer.

I could go on like this all day.

Obviously, today I had my yearly mammogram, one of the great joys of hitting 40.

I can’t honestly say a few things about this process…first, I’m grateful that I’m able to get a mammogram to screen for breast cancer because I have dear friends who have fought this disgusting disease and it’s nasty business. So all kidding aside, it is sooooo important to do and if you are over 40, make it happen every single year.

Another thing I learned…I will never again schedule this appointment late in the afternoon. Doing so led to a day filled with anxiety awaiting the moment that I would enter this dreaded room and the discomfort that awaited me. While I am very tolerant of pain and really am not bothered by a lot, this process fills me with anxiety, I suppose for more reasons than one.

Aside from the fact that the machine they use to get the images they need literally smashes your breast in multiple directions you are in a room screening for a horrible disease that I’m pretty sure every woman is worried they may have. This does not help with the anxiety.

My personal favorite part of the process is when they tell you not to breathe. Yep, we’re good…not breathing over here as you crush my flesh.

I’m will also say that I grateful for the woman who took my images today. Honestly, I was too amped up to remember her name, but she was awesome. She distracted me by asking me about my Super Bowl plans and I distinctly remember her talking about making crack chicken. I may have to google that!

My final point is the one I made in the beginning and it’s a simple…why? Why does it have to be such a miserable experience that makes women stress and many avoid doing it all together when we clearly have technology that can do insanely cool things? Why is there no technology to make this less awful?

I suppose the best news is that as uncomfortable as it is, it doesn’t take very long. Thank GOD! Gaga also informs me that they get easier each year…so that’s something to look forward to!

Either way I’d appreciate it if one of my scientific, techy and super smart friends invented a better way! Please and thank you!

In other news, I finally used the air fryer today to make more bacon for my dinner recipe; not sure why I waited so long. Holy awesomeness!



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