Corona Virus Quarantine Day #306: Go Chiefs! Sunday, January 24, 2021:

Holy cow! This is crazy! The kids are beside themselves with excitement. I cannot believe that our hometown team is headed to a back to back Super Bowl!

We spent our weekend watching our kids play in various basketball games (which was awesome) and closed the weekend out with a Chiefs win and a trip to the Super Bowl.

It was total domination station from start (aside from the muffed punt) to finish and I’m incredibly excited for our kids to have a chance to watch their hometown team play in another Super Bowl…can’t wait for the party!

This Super Bowl will also feature the first female referee in Sarah Thomas! So it will be a history making experience either way.

If you aren’t a Chiefs fan, you could be a Patrick Mahomes fan. He is not only clutch but an absolute beast of a leader and incredibly fun to watch.

Two weeks will feel like an eternity but I’m excited to get a chance to watch two greats in action in the biggest game of the year.

I rarely get video of the girls playing because I’m coaching…and it would look weird for me to be filming on the sideline. A huge thank you to my friend who captured these for me!

Fouled and going to the line!

Way to go goat!

Steals and layups!

Have to find a way to get some of Ellen too! I love to watch the kids grow and get better!



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