Corona Virus Quarantine Day #305: Following Yesterday: Saturday, January 23, 2020:

Following yesterday’s picture journal of 2020, I wanted to follow with a second entry to celebrate the awesomeness of a few people.  For those of you that have been coached by Nancy or me, you understand the value that we put in the ability to recognize others and speak directly to them.  While I can’t do this in person, I figure this form is the next best option.  While there are many others I could mention, here’s a few brief thoughts about 4 individuals that make our lives much better for knowing them.  If you have a chance to know these individuals, you will benefit. For reference, I am excluding anyone from this list who lives in my own house!

Brian Weinert – A John Deere colleague, but more importantly, a friend.  The best description I can give someone is to be genuine.  Brian is the most genuine person I know.  He is a devout Mormon, a loving husband and a proud dad.  His priorities are set, and he reflects them in his daily decisions.  I truly miss our daily conversations in the office and look forward to them again in future.

Courtney Bohle – A cousin, but really a lifelong friend.  If you don’t have a friend in your life you can go weeks without talking to and then immediately jump back in like the conversation never stopped, than you really don’t have a true friend.  Courtney has always loved our family and works hard to ensure that our kids know her, even if she is hours away.   I am so excited to see her as a mom and can’t wait to share stories about her with her kids – they just need to be a little older!

Matty Benkofske – A former John Deere colleague, Matty is incredibly thoughtful and is always looking for ways to help others.  Whether it is helping her Dad, taking care of homeless pets, or showing up at your door with housewarming presents, she is always “aware” of how to help others.  Matty is a people-person and someone I am grateful to know.

Taylor Stanley – While I would be remiss not to first recognize the parents of this individual, Mike and Kim, I want to celebrate the maturity of Taylor.  You may know Mike and Kim for their work with raising money for childhood cancer, or Taylor’s sister, Callyn, for her toughness, it is Taylor that I marvel at.  She loves her family and in every picture you see, she is smiling.  She has learned at a young age that true happiness comes from sacrificing for others.  She will win in life.

The common denominator – each of these individuals is unselfish.  In a world where most worry about themselves first and then might contemplate how their actions impact others, these individuals seem to start with others first.  While I am lucky to be married to the most unselfish person I know, it is nice to know others as well.  My hope is that you have similar individuals in your life that you look at with similar respect.  If so, I encourage you to take a moment and recognize them.



One thought on “Corona Virus Quarantine Day #305: Following Yesterday: Saturday, January 23, 2020:

  1. Matty benkofske says:

    Bryan Dorsey, what kind words! I too am looking forward to a return to normal as I miss a lunch now and again w you and Weinert. In the meanwhile, please know that I don’t miss the work of a full-time employee, but I am having a hard time filling the void of friends like you. I guess you are just stuck w me for a while more.


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