Corona Virus Quarantine Day #302: Inauguration Day: Wednesday, January 20, 2021:

I am glad this day has come and gone…I can’t lie. I’ve been anxious about what today would look like for weeks. After what happened at our Capital, I just wanted it to happen peacefully.

I’m thankful that it did and I’m grateful that it has come and gone.

Today history was made. It’s undeniable. Whether you voted for, approve of or even like the candidates that were sworn in today…they did in fact, make history and that is exciting! Joe Biden will go down as the oldest president ever to assume office at the age of 78. The first black woman, was sworn into the role of Vice President today, in Kamala Harris. She is also the first Asian American to hold this office. Regardless of how you feel about her personally, she is the FIRST woman to serve in this role. You have to respect that, and as many have been saying…there is glass everywhere…what a momentous event. Young girls everywhere will not remember a White House where a woman in power isn’t the norm and personally, I think that’s a piece of history worth marking.

Our outgoing President Trump refused to attend the inauguration, though not a first, it’s been over 150 years since it’s happened. Vice President, Mike Pence did attend the ceremony. Lady Gaga performed the National Anthem (beautifully I may add). A young, 22 year old poet named Amanda Gorman captivated her audience.

These facts are undeniable and for the sake of history, I want to take note of these very significant things..

As previously stated, President Trump is not the first to snub his successor, in fact, John Adams was the first in 1801 when he chose not to attend Thomas Jefferson’s inauguration. His son, John Quincy Adams did the same to his successor Andrew Jackson and finally, Andrew Johnson did the same to his successor of Ulysses S. Grant.

Johnson’s snub was the last time we’ve seen a outgoing president refuse to attend. That was over 150 years ago. It’s hard not to speculate or judge President Trump for his behavior. Some deem it childlike and others describe him as a “poor loser.” I would liken it to an Olympic silver medalist stepping down from the podium after receiving their medal and walking out as the athlete that defeated them received their gold medal. Yikes. Either way…it’s a bad look.

Some people are saying he stayed away so the focus could be on Biden and there would be less of a chance for trouble if he wasn’t in attendance. I guess only time will tell. Regardless, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Personally, I think he should have been there. Maybe it would help our country heal, maybe not. But either way, I don’t like sore losers and poor sports. In my opinion, he was both of those things today and it was disappointing.

In my history classes today we talked about this historic day. It was an interesting conversation and I enjoyed talking with these young kids and hopefully encouraging them to care and “have a clue” what happens in their nation. Then I reminded them they’d vote in our next election. That got their attention! Crazy stuff!

Beautiful words from a beautiful poet!
President Biden speaking of unity.

Regardless of how we all feel about all that has happened with this election and who occupies the White House…history was made today.



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