Corona Virus Quarantine Day #299: How About Those Chiefs?: Sunday, January 17, 2021:

Our children have been incredibly blessed to grow up in a city where their teams have won a World Series and a Super Bowl.

I can still remember when the Bears won the Super Bowl and of course, when the Bulls won their championships…it was mayhem in the city and so much fun. Some of my favorite memories were watching those NBA playoff games with family and friends. It’s still why to this day, I love the Bulls and Michael Jordan.

Our kids are growing up with that same dynamic, only in our city, it’s football mayhem.

I had Michael Jordan, they have Patrick Mahomes. While he’s still young in his career he’s an absolute beast and by all accounts he’s an incredible leader.

As I watched a lot of NFL football today I was struck by a few things. One of them is this…it’s no surprise that kids act like buffoons in youth sports because look at how these professional athletes behave. It’s gross.

I’m grateful that our kids have the example of Patrick Mahomes and his leadership because good LORD there are a lot of bad examples out there.

The other thing that struck me was how impressive Andy Reid’s play calling was. That final play was in a word…gutsy.

Also, why do the Chiefs need to make their playoffs game so insanely stressful. I’d appreciate the next game being less of a heart attack inducing experience. Geez!

When Mahomes went out of the game everyone looked defeated. And by everyone I don’t just mean the people in my house. The Chiefs too. They looked worried. But man, it was fun to watch them figure it out and come together and see Henne make some big time plays at the most clutch moments. Seriously, that was so much fun to watch.

The cheering in our house was outrageous and Henne was the hero for sure.

Just a little example of the madness in our basement today!

One final observation…the coach in me can’t resist. Andy Reid made a gutsy play call and it paid off. I’m so glad. Everyone tweeted out what a genius he is and the men on tv talking about how they couldn’t believe how well he “zigs when his opponent zags.” But, I have to point out that had this play call failed…the conversation would have looked very different. He would not be a hero or a genius, instead, people would be talking about how he made a bad call and how the loss was 100% his fault.

That’s the life of a coach. It’s hard. I feel for him. I’m happy for him that it worked out this time.

I’m excited to see what becomes of the Chiefs this year…hoping they can make it to the Super Bowl again!



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