Corona Virus Quarantine Day #296: Christmas Decor Downer: January 13, 2020:

Today I had to take down our remaining Christmas decor…and I have to tell you, it makes me sad.

I love Christmas, everything about it, and the lack of red and green goodness in my house now is just a little upsetting. The mantles and railings are bare, there are no more twinkling lights…ugh.

I can vividly remember the first time the kids were old enough to realize the decor had to come down, the triplets were about 18 months old, I was pregnant with Fiona. I really didn’t want to try to take down the tree and lights with three 18 month old kids crawling about so I went to work one afternoon when they went down for a nap. When they woke up they came down into the kitchen and realized the tree was gone.

It seemed to bother Finley the most. It was really a sad affair. The poor kid just sat on the kitchen floor where the tree had been and cried. He cried for a considerable period of time and we couldn’t really console him. For Finley that’s pretty unusual as he was (still is) a really easy and happy baby. For days after that he’d go or look into the kitchen and point to where the tree had been and get a really sad face, sometimes, even tears.

As a very pregnant mom, I have to tell you, it broke my heart. I did consider putting the tree back up but my very level headed husband convinced me that wasn’t necessary.

I guess what I learned from that experience more than anything is that the excitement that comes with the celebration of the birth of Christ is pretty awesome and it is always something to look forward to! The kids still really enjoy decorating their rooms and the house. I grew up in such a joy filled house at Christmas and it was/is really important to me that our kids have those same memories of bright lights, yummy cookies, and lots and lots of decorations!

At one point in my life, in college, I decided it was socially acceptable to leave a tree up year round. We just decorated it for different seasons. So for example, I bought some hearts I could hang on the tree at Valentines Day and at Easter I hung eggs on the tree. That way I got more use of the Christmas tree. I’m honestly not sure if my roommates cared…but it sure did make me happy! I also can’t lie and say that a huge part of me wouldn’t want to do the same thing now.

As I took decorations down and ornaments off the tree today I thought about my favorite decor.

For me, it’s always the tree, and specifically, my favorite ornaments.

My mom has bought Bryan and I an ornament since we started dating. We started our collection with Bryan and Nancy ornaments. Then in 2005 we got Bryan, Nancy and Zoey ornaments and in 2010 our ornaments added Finley, Cooper and Ellen. In 2012 we added Fiona Bell and in 2015 Fletchy made the ornament debut! This year we added our newest addition of Gigi.

As a kid growing up we had these same ornaments on our tree of our family, so seeing them now, on our tree brings back some of my happiest memories of Christmas spent with my mom, dad and sister.

I got a little emotional today as I wrapped up all those ornaments. While I’m always sad to see the Christmas season go by, I know that it will be back in a blink of an eye.

The kids were disappointed when they got home from school and found our tree down, which didn’t soften the blow for mommy…but we will put out the Valentines decor we have and get ready to celebrate whatever goodness comes next.



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