Corona Virus Quarantine Day #294: Classrooms, Gigi Jingles and Fart Fun: January 11, 2020:

First and foremost, I got to be back in the classroom today…with kids…and it was glorious. I can’t tell you how much I have missed seeing those kids faces (even if it’s not their whole face). I teach semester classes so I have all new kids…the only downside is I will have to study pictures again on powerschool to learn their names. When I can’t see their whole face so it makes it hard for me to memorize names, something I’m not good at to begin with…

But, all that aside, I was with kids. We talked history. We talked real world problems and what’s going on with our government and it felt great!

I was greeted after school by 5 kids who were slap happy. When I sat in my seat and buckled up I was greeted by a very loud fart noise and a lot of giggles. Apparently Fiona got a real life “treasure” out of the treasure box today at school. Fiona played a symphony of farts the entire way home. An unexpected bonus of the fart toy was that it also smelled like farts. So that made my car not only noise, but also smelly. As gross as it was, it did provide a lot of laughter for all of us, because after all, farts are funny.

I honestly thought Fletcher might pee his pants on the way home. That is the only thing that would have made this car ride more enjoyable. When I told Fiona that she said “mom you are being exaggetory right?”

Yes, Fiona…but you mean sarcastic. At least my kids get my humor.

The fart fun continued through the night so I’m just going to make a public thank you to whomever donated the fart device to the treasure box. It provided a lot of laughter tonight…now I just have to find a way for it to disappear.

If it would have been safe to film them in my car, I would have. They were all 5 laughing so hard I couldn’t help but laugh as well. We laughed the whole way home. This video was taken later at home when they insisted we continue to play with this goodness.

To top the night off it’s Gigi Jingles 1st birthday. So Fletcher thought it would be good to have a scavenger hunt for her. A scavenger hunt I learned (after finding several) was taking the $20 bag of bones we just bought and hiding them all over the house. After Gigi and Zoey had eaten at least 10 bones I discovered his plan and we collected the rest. Then Gigi was given (or jumped up and got) a steak bone. So it’s safe to say she had a good birthday.

Fletcher insisted we sing to her before bed, so that happened too!

To top off the night we got to play Apples to Apples and the girls continued to giggle like crazy people. For the record, they are not good at this game. They were so slap happy their answers made no sense. Fiona got a John Cena card that she was pretty excited about, she was sure it would win her the game…sadly, it didn’t pull through.

It’s been a long, fun and silly day. I’m looking forward to climbing in my bed free of fart noises!



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