Corona Virus Quarantine Day #293: Brothers and Besties: Sunday, January 10, 2020:

I’m exhausted from a weekend full of sports. Let me start by saying it’s a good kind of exhaustion.

I love sports and I love to watch kids play them. Even kids that don’t belong to me.

Our own children often give me a hard time when I sit on a sideline and break into tears over a shot made by someone who isn’t even on our team. Sports have formed my life in many ways and I’m grateful my kids are interested in them and able to play them.

I’m so grateful that these two boys, brothers, are really and truly best friends. They don’t fight…at all (and I pray that it stays that way). They go down to the barn everyday they don’t have a game and are now starting to play one on one to “get better” (their words not mine). It’s amazing. It’s everything a parent could hope for (the best friends part that is).

While I know there may come a time where they aren’t on the same team or even like the same things they really support each other and celebrate each other in the best of ways. I pray every night that it doesn’t change.

This weekend they played with their school team, which was awesome and then today, they were asked to sub for a 6th grade team.

Watching them out there together always makes me happy and my heart swells, not because of how many points they score or things they may do well, but instead because they are hard workers, good teammates and really good friends.

They held their own today against boys who were twice and in a few cases, three times their size (legit, one of these young men was for sure shaving his face. The boys just broke into the 60’s in weight).

They had a lot of fun and my favorite part, they grew in confidence…the very best thing sports can do for you!

So I’m ready for bed. I coached in 4 of the 8 games the kids played and I’m spent. Can I also just say for the record the coaching is far easy than the spectating.

I didn’t get any good action shots! But these two…I love it!



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