Corona Virus Quarantine Day #271: Final Final: Friday, December 19, 2020:

Today was our final day in Orlando. We made the absolute best of it and used up every minute before our afternoon flight. The kids felt it was very important to swim that morning. The kids swam for over 2 hours. It was cold in Florida that morning but the sun was bright. I have no idea how they got in that water. It’s a good thing it was so heated!

The pool water is so warm you can see the steam rising up from the pool. It was so insane! I was in multiple sweaters and sweats but they were in the pool! Crazy people!

Fletcher wanted to learn to swim better so he asked Cooper to help him. For a solid hour Cooper helped Fletcher swim around the entire pool. It was the sweetest thing ever. He kept encouraging him and giving him breathing breaks.

I just cannot. This is the sweetest. Fletcher was already a pretty strong swimmer, this just sealed the deal.

A final visit to our lizard “cousin” Tennis before we headed to the airport.

I was very nervous about taking this trip but man was it worth it. I know that these are strange and crazy times but I’m grateful to have been able to spend some extraordinary time with my favorite people.

As I arrived back home I was thankful! What an awesome trip and what a gift to be home!

Thank you GOD for this amazing gift!

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