Corona Virus Quarantine Day #270: Hollywood Studios: Thursday, December 18, 2020:

Today we ventured to our one Disney park. We selected this one because it was our favorite one the last time we came two years ago. We loved Slink Dog and the Tower of Terror and this time they have new Star Wars rides so we wanted to try those out!

I have to say that Disney did up the Christmas decor far more than Universal. Partly, I’m sure, because it’s so much smaller but dang! It was awesome! The kids loved it. Also, we broke our ride record for the day with 22 in one day (a number that will make mommy and daddy pay the price).

This was the one morning that started out a little brisk. It was about 50 degrees and it felt cold! Thankfully the sun came out in the afternoon and it felt amazing.

Per usual, the pictures will tell the story far better than I can so here it goes!

After 10 hours of theme parks who doesn’t want to go back to their condo and swim for a few hours? I mean, I know I did! The kids had boundless energy and swam off whatever they had left when we got home. It was pretty awesome that every time we were in the pool we were pretty much alone!

Fletcher made a friend at the pool, one of only two kids we saw there. We told them they had to stay 6 feet apart so they went to two different hot tubs so they could chat. Pretty smart!

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