Corona Virus Quarantine Day #269: Pool Day! December 16, 2020:

It was a perfect day for a pool day. We all woke up a little tired today from two straight days at Universal. Mommy felt like she was riding a roller coaster all night so I was particularly exhausted.

We started the day with an exploration walk. We investigated the whole property and had a lot of laughs along the way!

We found turtles and Koi and “ginormous” fishies according to Fletcher.

Wouldn’t be a day or a trip if we didn’t play and get competitive. For the record…Mommy and the boys won by 1 bucket!

Our maiden voyage.
Fletcher very much enjoyed going over speed bumps at full speed.
We found some treasures today that we turned into a hat.
We even got to go on a boat ride today!
Finished our night with a seafood feast. Mahi Mahi, Salmon, Rainbow Trout and crab cakes for the win. Everyone except Finley (who had popcorn shrimp) liked the fish!

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