Corona Virus Quarantine Day #268: Universal Day #2: December 15, 2020:

So we definitely felt like we needed two days at Universal so we headed back for more today.

Have to admit…I was worried that Fletcher may not make it but he was awesome. They all were awesome.

The kids were excited that we made it on 22 rides today. Sweet mother. I felt like I drank 12 beers when we walked out. Ellen, Fiona and I went on the Hulk ride and I’m pretty sure the inside of my brain felt like scrambled eggs when we walked off. I’m sitting here now feeling drunk (even though I’m not) and like I’m still riding a ride. I guess that means it’s time for bed.

Once again, the pictures will tell the story better than I can!

One of Fletchers favorite rides in Hogwarts! The Flight of the Hippogriff. He isn’t tall enough for the other ones yet. But he handled that like a boss and going on this ride 5 times helped! He liked to ride the whole way with his hands up. It isn’t a long ride but it is a fun one.
Fletcher telling all the ride goers what house they belonged in!
We got a second round of butter beer today. Fletcher informed us he didn’t want to drink his whole cup because he never wants to be drunk. This guy!
The Christmas decor in Hogwarts was pretty awesome. Looked even cooler at night.
I’m flying!
Our last two rides of the day were the Mummy (highly recommend! It’s super fun! And we closed out the day with Transformers! What an amazing day that was. Transformers is like Spider-Man and it’s virtual reality. But good LORD it really feels like those bots are coming to get you!
I have never seen a boy so happy as Finley Joe was when he made us eat his gross jelly beans.

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