Corona Virus Quarantine day #267: universal: December 14, 2020

Holy cow. I’m spent. We spent 10 straight hours at Universal today and we had a blast. It was so much fun. The kids had an absolute blast!

They are only allowing like 35% capacity in their parks so in the 10 hours we were there we went on 19 rides. I feel like that was record breaking!

The pictures will tell the story better than I can so here it goes:

When I texted Bryan to see where we’d meet up he confirmed that they were drenched. “More drenched than I’ve ever been in my life…” were his exact words!
Even though it was 80 degrees Mommy had no interest in getting wet. For reasons we learned later the water rides only had a 5 minute wait. So Bryan took the boys and I took the girls on the “fear fall”. They liked it so much we went on twice. Can’t say the three of us weren’t terrified but we liked it enough to go one again.
Mommy and the girls before we got on the scary straight up drop down ride. The first time Ellen didn’t open her eyes once. The second time I convinced her to keep her eyes open and she loved it more.
We even got to see an area that had floats from the Macy’s Day parade. The kids loved it. There were some fun characters there!
Also the Hogwarts castle ride is insane. It really feels like you are flying and playing quiddich. I have to admit it made me a little queasy but I really liked it.
Hogwarts castle at night was pretty special. also Hagrid’s new ride that we got to try today was amazing. Cooper hated it because it went to fast and went upside down (which it didn’t do), Finley who was terrified to go on loved it. Fiona and Ellen (who had to ride alone, seriously GOD bless her) also loved it. I have to say it’s one of the best roller coasters I’ve been on in my entire life. I had so much fun and laughed so hard the entire ride.
Fletcher was pretty excited to go on the Transformer ride and to meet Bumblebee who saved the day on the ride! Can I just say that virtual reality rides are amazing. It really feels like things are being thrown at you and that bad guys are going to reach out and grab you.
Esmerelda our elf got to come on the rides with us today!
Somehow Mommy had to eat the Vomit flavor. Good times! I am unsure why anyone would create such a thing. It was truly disgusting. I also ate Earwax and rotten egg. All were gross.
Daddy said the dirt flavor was really special.
Fletcher was not at all phased by the soap flavor because he’s afraid of “nothing.”

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