Corona virus quarantine Day #266: Orlando: December 13th, 2020:

Today we started out on our journey to the airport. I can’t say I wasn’t nervous. We didn’t even tell the kids until yesterday as we weren’t sure it was going to happen. This trip had been in the making since last year. We had to cancel it several times because of Corona and we finally decided we could make it work.

The kids were beyond excited and were literally jumping out of their skin all day!

I can tell you that the Kansas City airport was empty. Our flight wasn’t even half full. I thought I’d be more nervous but everyone kept their distance and we had room to spread out.

When we started takeoff the kids were so excited to get up in the air. The two older boys say together and looked out the window cheering. Fiona was a nervous wreck because her school learned about 9/11 this year and now she associates planes with that event, and Ellen was as cool as a cucumber per usual. Fletcher was fist pumping and cheering and then he turned to Bryan and said “whoever is driving the plane is doing a good job.” So sweet.

When we got to Nashville it was considerably more crowded. We were able to find our own row of seats away from others to sit for our brief layover. Then we were back up in the air. This time the boys all sat together and once again cheered as the plane took off and landed. On the way down we were near the wing and Fletcher thought it was amazing. “Cooper look the wing is moving.” Pretty sure the whole plane heard that.

Kids wonder and awe is so amazing. I love how excited the kids get about everything. I wish adults were like that!

When we got to the hotel it was imperative that we swim immediately. And that we did. It was 80 degrees so no complaints here and the pool was very warm. The kids swam until dark and they thought night swimming was the coolest.

Finley’s née nickname is simply “abs”

When we got back in the room Bryan overheard Fletcher ask Cooper “what was the best part of your day Cooper?” Oh my word. I ask them this everyday when I pick them up from school so it made me so happy to hear them asking each other. Fletcher assured his brother that the best part was either swimming or our elf Esmerelda coming on vacation with us.

Esmerelda wrote the kids a note begging to come with us. She promised she’d fly back to her plastic bag each night so we could bring her with us and not worry about touching her. Fletcher was pretty excited about this!

It was a busy day and I’m know I’m ready for bed. Cooper put himself in bed at like 7:30 and was asleep in about 5 minutes.

Hitting up Universal tomorrow so I’m pretty excited about that.

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