Corona Virus Quarantine: Day #292: Back at it! January 9, 2020

I am grateful that our kids are able to be back on the court again. Basketball is a passion for all of our kids and seeing all 5 of them on the court today was super fun.

They are all so passionate and love basketball so much it was awesome to see them play.

Sports are such a gift. They teach our kids (not just mine…everyone’s) so many valuable lessons. I love to watching kids grow in leadership and skill and more than anything else, confidence.

Is there anything more exciting than watching a kid grow in their confidence? I just don’t know that there is…

Today I watched that all go down with not only my kids, but other people’s kids. I freaking love coaching for that reason. It is what I believe I was born to do and even though basketball isn’t my main love it doesn’t matter. Coaching is life.

Good times had by all!

Another thing I love…seeing friends from different walks of life (Spectrum Sports and the Slam) and loving every second of it!

These two scored 20 in a quarter and were not happy about having to sit out an entire quarter. You can’t teach competitive and I love when I see a young woman who is competitive. Good LORD it’s amazing.
I am bad at taking video. I vow to get better but I did get a video of the Moose man sinking a free throw.
Fletcher and friends won their game tonight and got medals to boot. They were pretty pumped.
I can’t even.

I coach Ellen, so sadly didn’t get any video of her, but watching her is crazy. She is so competitive I almost feel sorry for her. She cares so deeply, it’s special. It will serve her well in the long term. Sometimes we both need reminding of that.

At the end of the day, I was in a gym from 8-6…and I felt so at home.

Thank you GOD for that!



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