Corona Virus Quarantine Day #287: Having Snow Much Fun: Monday, January 4, 2020:

So today got away from me and I didn’t have a chance to interview one of the kids. So instead I want to focus on the fun we have had in the snow the last 3 days. I used to despise snow when the kids were younger because I’d do all the work to get them dressed and they’d be out there for 12 minutes.

The kids can mostly-ish get themselves together and they stay out for hours. On Saturday, the kids, Bryan and I went on a hike to try to find a big hill (bigger than our back yard) to sled down. It was an adventure. We climbed trees, Bryan sled over some barbed wire (of course not knowingly) and we took some chances, some that made mommy very nervous.

Here is a summary of the fun in photos!

I love this picture of the kids looking out at the snow. They were so excited to have snow to play in!
One of my favorite finds. Another tree had fell onto this one and it’s roots were still in the ground. I have never seen anything like this and we all thought it was awesome!

Can I say for the record that I knew this would end badly…I wish I had kept the video rolling because he stood up and gave me a double thumbs up proclaiming that “I’m ok…that was awesome.”

So I go to bed tonight thankful for a weekend full of snow and that today the kids reentered school for the first time in weeks. They came home tired. Fletcher even fell asleep as I read him books.

GOD is good!

Here’s to whatever 2021 will bring!



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