Corona Virus Quarantine Day #283: Happy Anniversary x 16: December 31, 2020:

It’s hard to believe that I am old enough to have been married for 16 years or to be entering the 20th year of my life with Bryan Dorsey at my side. It’s clique to say they have gone by so fast, but sadly, that is true. We have three 10 year olds living in our house and a dog that’s about to be 15 years old…so I know I’m not imagining this craziness!

16 years ago today on a warm, sunny (seriously it was like 60 degrees) Chicago day, I married my best friend and the best man I had ever or will ever know. I believed that on December 31, 2004 and I believe it even more today.

That wedding (if I do say so myself) was one of the most fun wedding’s I’ve ever attended. Aside from the beautiful Christmas decor and bright lights…the food, dessert table, dancing and of course open bar sealed the deal for one of the best nights of all time. Certainly one of the best of my entire life.

I always felt like New Years Eve was a bust prior to that particular New Year’s. It’s typically an expensive night where you dress up and expect a lot of fun and often end up disappointed with how the night transpired. NOT this night. I was in a room with all my favorite people dancing, singing and I had just married my very best friend. It was a pretty awesome day!

I feel incredibly blessed to be on this journey with Bryan Matthew Dorsey so on this New Year’s Eve of definitely the strangest, but most certainly not the most difficult year we’ve lived through together in the last 20 years, I am going to celebrate our marriage, our friendship and the four happiest days of our entire life together.

And for the grand finale…Fletcher Matthew Dorsey entered this world on March 31, 2015. He came into the world with his eyes wide open ready to party…it should have been a sign that he’d keep us all on our toes and all of us laughing. He is one of five of the greatest gifts GOD has ever given us. The next best day of our lives for sure!

So on our 16th anniversary…I am grateful for my husband, who’s a rock star. I’m grateful for our 5 amazingly beautiful miracle babies Finley, Ellen, Cooper, Fiona and Fletcher. I’m grateful for our families, we are both blessed with awesome families. I am grateful for our fur babies Zoey and Gigi. I am grateful for jobs we both love. I am grateful for the many young women we have coached and those that we will coach in the future. We are so blessed Bryan Matthew. Thank you for 16 beautiful years and here’s to many, many more!



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