Corona Virus Quarantine Day #281: Alumni Christmas Party: December 29, 2020:

For days memories have been popping up on my FB page of our volleyball alumni party and I have to tell you it’s like rubbing salt in my wound. Every Christmas we have our annual alumni Christmas party with our volleyball girls and this year, because of Covid, we cannot. The attendance is always really good and fun is had by all. The girls/women stay late into the night as we laugh and reminisce and catch up on each others lives. There are girls from our first graduating class of 2009 talking to and learning about girls that graduated in 2019 and it is one of my favorite nights of the entire year.

The concept of all of our girls across the years knowing each other was and will continue to be our dream for our teams. I never wanted to coach girls and send them on their way never to see them again. We so badly wanted to create a family where girls that they never played with (only heard about from us) become their friends later on in life. If we have a senior in high school playing for us that wants to be a pharmacist, we can give her the contact number of any of the three former players who are now pharmacists. If we have another player that wants to be a NICU nurse, we can connect her with the former players who are doing that right now. The one thing they have in common…St. James volleyball (and us of course). It’s like a volleyball sorority. We wanted these girls to know that no matter what time of the day or how long it has been they can always pick up the phone and call us and we will answer.

Coaching has always been more than just playing games for us. We do it because we love sports, we love to compete and most importantly, we love our girls.

We look forward to this party every single year. The fact that we can’t have our alumni party this year is just one more casualty of 2020 and Covid-19. I’m sad about it. I miss our girls. I will miss all the laughs and staying up waaaaaay past my bedtime and hearing all about their beautiful lives and seeing their beautiful children. Our kids are sad too as this is one of their favorite events as well. They keep asking when the volleyball girls are coming. Unfortunately the answer is an unknown.

So, when this dumpster fire of a year/situation is over we will have an alumni party that will be better than ever. As of right now, I will aim for this summer! We will have fishing, the barn will be open for a pick up volleyball game and the karaoke machine will definitely make a debut. I cannot wait.

Until then, I am filling up our days with art projects, food projects and lots of time in the barn, so really, I can’t complain. But…I do miss seeing our grown up girls. Until this summer…hopefully!

Meanwhile we Dorsey’s remain in quarantine so we find things to do at home…lots of fun things…

Fletcher dribbled full court and shot today for a solid hour. He especially liked it when one of his brothers tried to play defense or chased him. He was all Michael Jordan with his tongue hanging out when he went to the hoop. Such a baller.

We are trying to enjoy every minute of our Christmas break together. I’m just a little bit sad that this special part of Christmas break is postponed…NOT cancelled. We will bring the alumni Christmas (maybe summer bash) back as soon as it’s socially acceptable to do so. Until then, to our alumni, we love and miss you all!



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