Corona Virus Quarantine Day #272 & #273: Saturday, Sunday and Santa! December 19, 20, 2020:

The Dorsey’s are back and up to all kinds of shenanigans. On Saturday Fletcher, who ironically is the only Dorsey playing basketball games right now, got to play and play he did. It seems he is taking after his Daddy and his brother and he’s into defense. These pictures kill me!

My favorite part of the call…”Santa, I have to tell you something…I love tape!” Even Santa laughed.
We all demanded Mrs. Claus…but she was busy making cookies for the Elves!

Tonight we watched Elf after our chat with Santa (he confirmed Buddy was his favorite elf, next to Esmerelda). Caught this adorable moment of Fletchy singing along while snuggling Gaga. Adorable!

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. I am so blessed to be surrounded by people I love and adore. I know this year has been incredibly hard for so many people. No one has been without struggle. So I am going to say some extra prayers of gratitude for these special moments I got to share with my family this past week and especially for these moments today with Santa!



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