Corona Virus Quarantine Day #259: Sing! December 6, 2020:

Our kids grow up in a place where singing is pretty normal. My brain actually works in song lyrics so I often break out into song when I hear words that could go in a familiar song to me. We are always playing “jam or no jam” and there is always music being played in the barn.

They’ve gotten used to my antics. So the Advent card the kids pulled today wasn’t too terribly hard for them.

“Come let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our Salvation.” Psalm 95:1

Sing a Christmas song to your Gaga.

The day ended up being more hectic that I had planned and I took Cooper and Fletcher to do their Christmas shopping so we had little or no time to practice.

Spending time with just a few of the 5 at time is such a blessing, one we don’t get to experience often. I’m so grateful for my special time today with Cooper and Fletcher. Cooper is such an amazing big brother and Fletchy loves him so much. He looks up to him and copies him and Cooper just shakes his head and laughs. He’s so patient with him, it’s sweet. Cooper also has expensive taste. He has Finley and Fiona and he really wanted to buy Finley a basketball bag, which was $100 (with his own money I might add), then he thought a $65 basketball was a good compromise. It took a lot of convincing to get him to settle for something much more reasonable. For Fiona he wanted to buy a whole ensemble of clothes (because “she loves clothes”). He had spandex, a sports bra, leggings and a jacket picked out…all to the tune of about $100. GOD love him. He will one day make a very good and generous husband. He has good taste too I might add. He’s just like his Daddy in that regard.

Fletcher, who I thought would only want to look at stuff for himself was very interested in shopping for Ellen. I also learned that he pays attention because he asked if we could go to a book store and an art store “because that’s what Ellen likes the best.” He even suggested he could get her some new earrings. Oh my heart! Now Fletcher is also buying for Cooper so that was a little challenging. We decided to wait on that and will get Cooper’s gift a different day but he also had some good insight into what Cooper might want. It was pretty awesome to see our 5-year-old son demonstrate that he does actually pay attention to details!

We also had to get a special sweet treat…this time it was Syla’s and Maddy’s. Cooper must have thanked me 20 times for the ice cream and for taking him shopping. It was very sweet!

It was a very fun day with two of my favorite boys!

As for the singing…the kids all landed on an oldie but a goodie…Rudolph, or one they all knew the words to!

I’d say it went ok-ish. Gaga got a kick out of it, so that’s all the matters. She was laughing and smiling and that was the goal. Fletcher mostly danced (aka shook his butt) and at one point I’m pretty sure he subbed out one of the words for the word “butt” so it all worked out as it should have. We told him afterwards that since he barely sang and mostly danced he had to sing it again by himself. He mostly agreed, except he demanded Finley do it with him. Finley, being Finley, smiled and took one for the team (no surprise there)!

So…Gaga got to hear this gem twice! The second time with just Finley and Fletcher. It was marvelous!

You get a little preview of what went on for about 4 solid minutes in Gaga’s room. Thank GOD for the girls who mostly carried the song. GOD bless Cooper and Finley for playing along and there really is no explanation for the little guy. He’s definitely an entertainer.

It was another good day! I’m ready to attack another week! I cannot believe it’s so close to Christmas. Still. So. Much. To. Do! As Bryan always reminds me…you always get it done. I hope he’s right!



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