Corona Virus Quarantine Day #256: Advent Calendar Fun: December 3, 2020:

In the Dorsey house we talk a lot about celebrating other people’s awesome. I have found that as a result of this they are all pretty good at giving others compliments. Now, I hear many of those compliments within my own walls so I can never be too sure if they are as quick to give a compliment or assurances with their peers. I can just hope. So when we made our Advent calendar of activities we knew a day of complimenting was a necessity. So today our card read: ” GOD’s word gives life” Matthew 4:4 Go out today and give 5 different people a compliment or encouragement.

We talked on the way to school about ways that they could do this and they were excited to make it happen.

Below is how they all felt about this activity.

I liked giving people compliments and I thought it made people happy that we all did it. I learned that I can give compliments everyday not just when we do it for Advent. We can also give people high fives and tell people good job and stuff like that. The compliments I gave today were “I like your new shoes.”. I told my teacher that I liked her outfit. I told my friend good job at PE today when we were playing basketball. I feel happy when people give me compliments so I learned that if we give compliments it will make other people happy and if they are having a bad day they might have better day because of our compliment and that feels good to know.

-Cooper Age 10

I thought giving the compliments today was really good and it made me feel good and I think it made other people feel better. Some of the compliments I gave were I told someone they had good shots at practice, I also told people who missed shots “nice try,” I told a girl in my class that she made a good drawing too. I learned that it makes others people’s day better and if I can do that I should do it all the time, not just every once in awhile. When I get compliments I feel good and it makes me feel better, I’m glad I could do that for someone else today.

-Finley Age 10

I liked what we did for Advent today because it felt good complimenting people. I like making people feel better. Some of the compliments that I gave today were “good drawing” to a classmate, “good job” to a classmate at PE class, “I like your shoes,” and “you are a good friend.” When I complimented people they all smiled and were happy and I am glad I made them smile. I feel good and happy when people compliment me. I learned today that giving compliments is something I should do a lot because I can make people feel better and happy and that is fun.

-Ellen Age 10

I am excited for Advent. I like giving compliments and I think I give them to people a lot.  When I give a compliment it makes others feel good and I feel good too.   Today at practice I said things “like good shot,” “I told people I liked their shoes, their coat, I like your drawing.” When someone compliments me it makes me feel proud and happy and good inside. After thinking about complimenting people all day I want to do a better job of doing that all the time. 

-Fiona Age 8

“I like compliments and giving them is awesome. I told Esmerelda (our elf) I loved her about 200 times today. I told you that I liked your shirt and I told that to Gaga too because her shirt had a reindeer on it and it was awesome. I told Ellen I like her smile because I do like it. I told Fiona I like her headband because I know how much she likes it because it’s a Stanford headband. I liked this day for Advent and I wish I knew what we were going to do tomorrow.”

-Fletcher Age 5

I just wish I could secretly record all these conversations. I feel like the second you pull out a phone to record something the mood, or the answers change. All I know is that I’m looking forward to all the fun we plan to have with this Advent season.

As a kid my mom always put Christmas bedding on our beds. It’s one of my favorite memories of Christmas as a child. They were always flannel and so cozy. Bryan Dorsey bought us a Christmas comforter and my mother in law got me these Christmas sheets last year. When I saw my bed made up this way…it just brought back all the happy memories! Finley agreed that our bed was super awesome, the bed looked nice before our kids all climbed in it!
Esmerelda arrived this morning in Fletcher’s tree with a note reminding him that being a good listener is very important! It made a big difference in his behavior today so we shall see if it carries into tomorrow. Way to go Esmerelda. Mommy is thankful!
We had a Christmas Dance party up in the girls room today and it got a little crazy and loud!
I can honestly say I didn’t know that Fletcher possessed this talent. He held this headstand for at least 30 seconds multiple times. Crushed his sisters! He was quite proud of himself.



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