Corona Virus Quarantine Day #252: Thanksgiving break 2020 style: November 29, 2020:

This has been a weird year for everyone. As we are about to embark on the final month of the year, I think there is a collective sigh of relief. While there isn’t much about 2020 that I am super excited about it has taught us a few things.

This Thanksgiving, a year we were supposed to be on a family vacation in Park City, Utah, skiing but we instead stayed home. The kids were of course disappointed for yet another cancelled event (the 2nd time a vacation was changed because we were supposed to go to Florida last March). The same day we broke the news about no skiing they also found out that their CYO basketball league would be postponed until January…another disappointment.

For my nephews and students who play high school basketball they found out this week they’d be able to play this December (instead of having to wait until January) but that news was coupled with the news that their parents couldn’t be in the stands. A decision that to many, doesn’t make sense, especially when we just finished a volleyball season where we successfully had limited fans in attendance.

So 2020 had it’s own bit of weirdness as we all know but what I’ve learned so far, above all else…is that kids are really resilient. If getting to play means they have to wear a mask…kids will wear a mask and won’t complain. If getting to play means their parents can’t be in the stands, it will be hard, but they will endure. If a vacation gets cancelled and it’s a giant disappointment, kids will make the best of it and find a way to have an awesome time anyways.

This week our children did just that. We spent pretty much the entire time (with the exception of today) outside. We laughed, played a lot of sports, then played some more sports, ate delicious food and feasted, watched great movies, celebrated the Chiefs victory and tonight we went to a drive through Christmas lights spectacle just down the road from our house while sipping hot chocolate and eating kettle corn (this place even offered us wine). It was the perfect end to a great weekend spent with our family.

GOD is good.



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