Corona Virus Quarantine Day #251: The kids assessment: November 28, 2020:

Since school started it’s been hard to get the kids to be my guest writers…time has been a factor. But tonight, I thought it was time to bring back the tradition. Our interviews took place throughout the day, in the car and at bedtime, with 5 kids, it takes awhile to get all the answers.

Finley Joe: The best part of the last three days was all the time with my cousins. I especially liked playing basketball in the barn and the cool walk we took today where we were climbing trees and rocks. I wish we could play like this all the time (me too buddy…that whole school thing gets in the way doesn’t it). I also like playing jam or no jam with Liam in the car since he’s never played.

Cooper Claerhout: The best part of the last few days was our sleep over with Liam. I just wish he got to stay for 2 days. Next time, he’s going to stay for 2 days.

Then he stared blankly. I pressed for more….”Cooper was there anything specific you liked? He continued to stare into space then responded…”everything!” For the record, sadly he was one I asked when he was in a complete and total twilight zone too late at night. This boy cannot hang. He is so tired, so we may need to revisit tomorrow.

Ellen Anne: I liked all the time with my cousins. We don’t see them as often and it was really fun. I especially liked sleeping at Aunt Jill’s. Dax, Jonah and Zeke are so funny. I hope we can do it again soon mom, because it was sooooo fun.

Fiona Bell: I liked seeing my cousins so much. We had so much fun. I liked baking with Dax and Ellen, our brownies were amazing. I liked doing my pinata on Thanksgiving and playing soccer and football and going on a hike with you and Aunt Jill. I’m tired because we had so much fun.

Fletcher: My favorite part was Zeke, Zeke, Zeker baby. I saw him tree (aka three) days and I love him. These were his exact words.

Wouldn’t be a day if we didn’t find an animal carcass or a big, fat, juicy worm.
One of the many trees we climbed. Those smiles!
Their Lion King moment. They were determined to climb this rock…which was higher than it looks in this photo. They even started singing “Can you Feel the Love.” Pretty great!

I love how much they talked about time with their cousins. That was a highlight for me as well. I’m super grateful to have had this time not only for them but for me as well. I really like to get to know my nephews better and when we get to be together for extended periods of time it’s really a lot easier. Bryan and I have 9 nephews and they are all pretty awesome. I’m also quite thankful for my hubby and brother in law Kevin who worked tirelessly to put our floor in the barn. It looks amazing and gets us one step closer to a finished product.

We are blessed to have time with family in large part due to this beautiful weather. The kids could be outside all day and played every sport and/or game imaginable. It showed tonight as they were all walking zombies but to them…it was sooooo worth it.



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