Corona Virus Quarantine Day #250: The Gift of Cousins: November 27, 2020:

The last two days I am so grateful for the beautiful weather. Our kids have been able to see their cousins and play outside literally all day. Today, Uncle Kevin was helping Bryan put in the floor in the barn. That. was. a. project. I’m impressed with how much they got done considering how challenging it appeared to be.

But the good news was the whole Hall family came over to help and the kids got to spend the whole day playing with their cousins. They should all sleep well tonight. There was multiple basketball games played, soccer, capture the flag, kick ball and volleyball. We even went on a hike. It was glorious. I made a 2nd Thanksgiving feast, per usual, and the kids had an absolute blast.

I’m so grateful our kids are growing up with cousins. I love my cousins so much, but I was the youngest by quite a few years so family soccer games and volleyball matches weren’t really a thing. Nevertheless, I treasure my time spent with my cousins so much. I can’t imagine the memories these kids will have of their childhood growing up with so many cousins to play and laugh with. It’s pretty darn special.

It’s been a great few days.

Here are some highlights from the past few days!

These two. Zeke and Fletcher are the best of buds. They have so much fun together and get into all kinds of shenanigans. It’s a blast to watch.
The two youngest driving each other around! Man…these two are a trip!
Fiona made a homemade pinata for the cousin gathering and the kids enjoyed trying to knock this bad boy down.
The kids cheering Fiona on before she gave it a good whack!
Hiking in the woods today!
Soccer fun!
Dax, Fiona and Ellen wanted to bake so they made a mint brownie! They were pretty excited!
These two put on a dance show! That was really something!
More soccer fun!

These kids are so blessed. I hope they realize it, if not now, but one day. They will have so many memories with their cousins. They always say your cousins are your first best friends…for our children, this is really true!



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