Corona Virus Quarantine Day #246: Another week off school: November 23, 2020:

7 months ago when we took a week off school the kids didn’t go back for almost 7 months. Yikes.

Teachers, students and kids and parents across America are all thinking about the same thing right now…will this happen again?

The collective sigh is “please GOD no!” But the sad truth is that a lot of school districts all across the US have already made the decision to go digital until January.

The Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas following closely behind is a scary sign of things that may come and many schools are “playing it safe” by keeping the kids at home until after the holiday’s pass.

The Covid numbers are climbing all across the US and it seems, especially here in Kansas where reports say that the numbers have doubled in the past two weeks. To say the stress level across the nation is high would be an understatement.

In other news…tomorrow the KSHSAA Executive Board will vote on whether or not winter sports will be allowed before the new year. Parents all across the state have rallied support for #letthemplay and even kids have written to the board members encouraging them to vote against the recommendation that they cannot play games until January 17th.

Meanwhile in other states they’ve even passed executive orders to prevent youth sports from taking place. For example, in Minnesota the Governor passed an executive order to pause sports from November 20- December 18th. This includes all practices. The order issued a statement that said it took more than 6 months for Minnesota to reach 100,000 cases of Covid but only 42 days to add an additional 100,000. With statistics like this… it’s likely many more states will follow suit.

Please don’t misunderstand me…I want kids in school and I want them to be playing sports. I know the value and importance of both. As I’ve said repeatedly I am grateful to work in a place that is putting kids being in their seats at a premium. The kids are grateful too!

I know a lot of people are waiting with bated breath on KSHSAA’s decision. I’ll admit to being one of them.

The truth of the matter is, no one knows what is right anymore. I had this discussion with a friend today about this very thing. We have gotten such contradicting data and information throughout this entire time it seems we don’t know what to do…about anything. Or is that just me?

We remain, as people, worn out, uncertain and questioning our every decision. But, this week, we get to celebrate Thanksgiving and we are reminded to think about what we are grateful for in our lives. Today on the way to school…the Dorsey’s made a list.

Fletcher came up with 28 things between our door and school. It was quite impressive and made us all laugh. It included things like family, rocks, gas and trees. The other kids had a few more practical things like siblings, sports, teachers, a house, being in school, friends and the barn. The list was full of good things.

It was a fun exercise and one we try to do frequently, but today was a reminder that we could do it more often.



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