Corona Virus Quarantine Day #245: From Funk to Fun: November 22, 2020:

I woke up today in a funk. It may have been because I slept horribly, not sure I slept more than 2-3 hours all night. It was one of those nights I really wished I had just gotten up and accomplished something, rather than lay there hoping sleep would come…cause it didn’t.

It may have been because I had to blast Fletcher out of bed for a 5-year old basketball game (whoever thought having 5 year olds play at 8 am on a Sunday was a good idea, doesn’t have a 5-year old). Maybe it’s corona virus fatigue which gets me every now and then…I’m not sure. Nevertheless, I woke up in a funk.

I didn’t like it. I prefer to be in a happy mood.

So I did all I could to get out of said funk. Thank GOD it was a beautiful day and we could spend so much time outside. After Fletchy’s game we went home and I picked up Ellen for her basketball practice. I love to watch her play basketball. She’s so aggressive and has such a good sports sense, it makes me happy to see her so happy when she plays good defense and stops someone from scoring. She genuinely likes to play defense more than she likes to score and I can’t say that I hate that. She’s so sweet in real life but so fierce when she plays basketball. It’s awesome.

Ellen and I were mask twins today. Pretty soon she’s going to be as tall as me and wearing my shoes.

Then we returned home with lunch and it was the boys turn to play some hoops. Love to watch them play as well, although I only saw bits and pieces, they get better everyday and I love to see how dedicated they are to working hard, also they really like playing together and that’s pretty special for this mom’s heart.

While they were practicing Ellen, Fiona, Fletcher and Logan and I went for a hike with Gigi. We went back out on the trails around our house. We got a little lost one time…but that’s all part of the adventure. They climbed trees, found skulls (every. single. time.) and we sang Christmas songs.

Being out the in the sun, in nature, singing Christmas songs with some of my favorite people was just what I needed to fight the funk. They even made up some interesting lyrics to popular songs…and yes those lyrics had to do with Covid.

When we returned to the house the kids played a soccer game and I made chocolate chip banana bread and a sausage and egg casserole for breakfast.

Soccer game! These kids should be really tired tonight.

To finish out the night we ate dinner, watched a silly video that made me laugh harder than I have in a long time and watched a bit of the Chiefs game.

Ok, this video and the soccer one like it were so funny. I apologize for my cackle but I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe. The kids laughing made it all the funnier.

I’m going to bed early…cause like I said, I slept for about 90 minutes last night.

A little bit of nature, beautiful November sunlight and my favorite people was all I needed to get my head on straight.



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