Corona Virus Quarantine Day #244: Family Time Goodness: November 21, 2020:

Today was a good day. I got to spend some alone time with my dad, which never happens anymore as we drove to run some errands and to get him some coffee so he could feel “human.” I have not reached that point in my life. I dislike they way coffee tastes too much to drink it, but I’m sure I would love how it gave me a boost!

When we arrived home the kids (didn’t in fact help at all, mostly just watched), Grandpa Joe and Daddy worked on the barn project which is still a work in progress. But we are grateful to have a Grandpa Joe that has these skills…and tools that we don’t. It’s cool for them to see my dad in a way that I did as a kid. One day we will be able to take them to see all the amazing and beautiful homes he built back in Chicago. He really is so talented. I really wish I had inherited some of his artistic ability.

We had a significant interest in the saw. Not quite old enough to give it a go…but we liked watching it for a bit.

Then I played in the barn with the kids for a long while playing basketball. When I walked in the barn, Finley was trying to teach the girls how to do a complicated dribbling drill. So we decided to do Dorsey basketball clinic 101. We had lay up contests, dribbling contests and a mean game of 2 v. 2.

I hope someday these kids look back and realize how lucky they are to have siblings they get along with that they can play games with everyday of every week. That is such a blessing. It was fun to watch them play together and cheer each other on. It doesn’t always go as well as it did today. So I’m grateful for argument free competition today.

After our basketball clinic I played board games with Fiona, which is always fun. She almost always finds a way to cream me in Sorry. She shows me no mercy…which, actually, I fully support and celebrate.

We also played Life. This game has way too many rules. I had to consult my booklet every 2 seconds.

I also got to spend some time baking with my humans and getting ready for our Bell/Dorsey/Gile family Thanksgiving tonight. Seeing that we see my sister’s family all the time and our kids are in school together and play almost every day after school…so we are good to gather.

My sister made an amazing Thanksgiving feast for us to enjoy and the adults got to talk and the kids got to play…wrestle…apparently. Either way, fun was had by all.

It’s early to bed tonight because for some reason GABL thought it an excellent idea to schedule a 5-year old basketball game at 8am on a Sunday. Good times.

I’m so grateful to have family that lives close and to have been able to spend time with them today. I know not everyone is so fortunate.

Perhaps the highlight of my day was Fiona and Fletcher quoting Elf all day. I can remember my sister and I doing this with our favorite movies and driving our dad crazy. Their shenanigans made me laugh.

“Your a cotton headed miggy muggins.” He was close.
He may be an actor someday. He had just said “you disgust me…” Also a line from Elf, just didn’t get that one on film. He cracked me up and everyone else in our car too!

We have much to be grateful for today and everyday.



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