Corona Virus Quarantine Day #242: On Edge: November 19, 2020:

Today I got to enjoy a day at school, working with my students.

I am grateful for every day in the classroom. The kids are a bit on edge, I’m guessing because all the adults in their life are on edge…and for good reason. The corona virus numbers continue to spike across the country. The CDC reported that more than 1 million cases of Covid-19 were reported in the last 7 days. They also recommended we avoid large gatherings, especially for the holidays and that we should postpone travel.

In some ways it feels like we are right back in March.

So…hence…everyone being on edge.

I had several students ask me today if we’d be in school after Thanksgiving. My answers to them all was the same. “Yes, that is the plan.”

We are doing everything we can to keep our kids in school and I’m grateful, because it is where they belong. There are growing concerns about winter sports and I say prayers every night that they let the kids play, another thing they need.

I lay in bed every night and say prayers for the mental health of our kids as well as their parents and teachers. I worry about them all so much. I know everyone does.

Everyone is struggling and everyone deals with this differently. Some kids love the online model, where others can’t learn at all sitting at home on a laptop. Some teachers have anxiety about being in the classroom while others have no concerns at all.

The truth of the matter is we are all in different place in how we feel and how we deal with the Covid crisis that has become our new reality. I believe that is totally 100% ok. I am doing my best not to judge others and their choices and I’d hope others are doing the same in return.

We live in such a comparative culture and really, it’s not healthy…for anyone, especially the kids. Social media has made it so we can compare every aspect of our lives to others. When you have a global pandemic thrown on top of that it only complicates matters and gives everyone more opportunity to not only compare, but judge.

Like I said, I’m doing my best to try to remain grateful everyday for all the goodness in my life, and that includes my ability to walk into a classroom and teach students in person. I am also doing my best to not judge other people and their beliefs or how they deal with this crisis.

So today, I came home and took Gigi and two of my children who were home and not at practices for a walk. It’s the middle of November and it’s 75 degrees. That’s a gift. We laughed, talked about school, found skeletons (because it wouldn’t be a walk if Fletcher didn’t find part of a dead animal), crunched leaves, climbed trees and forgot about the dumpster fire that is 2020 for just a little bit.

It was glorious.

If you life is anything like mine every single conversation I have is about Covid. Will we be in school? Should we let the kids go to this event? Should we go to Thanksgiving? Will winter sports be a go? What will we do if we go on lock down again? Are you nervous about the rising numbers? All the questions, with none of the answers.

So I’m not going to sit here and tell you these conversations aren’t important or necessary…but I am going to enjoy those beautiful moments in between where we do something where we can forget about all the questions…for just a little while.



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