Corona Virus Quarantine Day #241: Random thoughts, updates, goodness: November 18, 2020:

It’s been a weird week and we are only half way through it. The corona virus numbers across the country are the highest they’ve ever been. People are on edge about schools closing, and with good reason. Schools continue to close. Olathe, one of the largest school districts in Kansas closed up shop today until January. It appears winter sports will be delayed as well for athletes all across the state. The executive board met today and issued recommendations that would allow the kids to practice but not compete in games until mid January. I just pray they get to play.

Our kids school remains open but did send out an email this week that kids will no longer be able to talk at lunch. Also, they have to wear their masks outside at recess. The kids came out of school the day this news dropped and had a lot to say about it. Today, Fletcher had his first lunch experience in the lunchroom since the no talking rule and when I asked him how it went he shook his head and said “it was a hard time for me mom.” At least he’s honest. Asking this kid to not talk for 20 minutes (or any 5 year old) is hard stuff.

I’m not criticizing, I get it. They want to keep the kids in school and that is what we all want. But I do have mixed emotions about the masks at recess and no talking at lunch. It’s less than ideal…for anyone. The kids are also concerned about the music selections at lunch, “mom, they aren’t playing any songs we like.” That made me laugh.

Bryan and I were talking about the various goings ons in our world and he said to me “when was the last time you felt things were normal?”

A strange, but relevant question. I wasn’t sure the answer. Upon further discussion we realized it was probably last Christmas. We had our annual Christmas Eve party and there were almost 40 people there. The thought of having that gathering this year is horrifying and obviously not happening.

So I’m celebrating a bunch of randomness today, because…I’d rather do that than focus on the other goings on happening all around us.

So for starters, today I sent a stranger a present via Amazon today. It was so fun. I posted about it on my page. If you want to join me please do. We need to spread cheer to all around.

Gigi got a much needed haircut today which brought us all a lot of joy. She not only looks adorable but smells better, so it’s a win for everyone.

Fiona got a volleyball painted on her toes and every night when I put her to bed she shows it to me. This makes me smile.
I love when things like this come home from school. I asked Fletcher to explain his picture. He said his friend spilled his water and Fletcher, and apparently the sun, tried to cheer him up because in his words “it’s no big deal, we can clean it up.” Learning about empathy is pretty amazing for 5-year olds.
This. made. my. day. 5th grade has been a challenging transition and there have been a lot of tears (some of them mine). For Cooper to come home with this score was a much needed boost. Cooper was so proud of himself. I love when hard work pays off…such an important lesson for kids to learn. Work hard…good things happen.

The sun was shining today. The kids got to run outside…mask free and I made everyone’s favorite pasta for dinner.

So, really, any other goings ons don’t matter. I’m going to focus on what I can control, what I am grateful for and what I love the most.



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