Corona Virus Quarantine Day #239: Outlook: November 16, 2020:

I woke up feeling heavy today, not like physically heavy but emotionally heavy. I can’t even truly explain why other than to say that it’s a little bit of everything.

It’s corona virus fatigue, it’s 5th grade homework, it’s feeling like I’m not getting it all done. It’s the ortho bill that showed up today. It’s the trying to figure out how to close out my semester. It’s the stress of not knowing if and when we get shut down. It’s worrying about my students physical and mental well being. It’s all the things I want to accomplish and feeling like I might not get it done. It’s the fear of my mom getting sick. It’s worrying about my friends who are going through a rough time and knowing that because of social distance and not being able to gather I can’t help them the way I’d like to. It’s. all. of. the. above.

Every night when I climb into bed and lay down to sleep I try to list all of the things I am grateful for and pray as much of a rosary as I can. I’ll admit that sometimes I fall asleep. That used to bother me that I couldn’t get through the whole thing every night but then I read somewhere that GOD doesn’t care because you go to bed talking to him, I loved that! That made me feel better.

I saw this today and I it reminded me that even when I’m in a funk I need to keep things in perspective!

Not sure I’ve seen truer words for 2020. Doesn’t mean it’s always easy to remember but…seriously…so true!

So today, I made a concerted effort to look for all the things that make me grateful. Here are some of the things that brightened my day today.

I am grateful for conversation with a good friend today.

I am grateful for our children’s laughter.

This kid, who has been on a mommy strike lately (wants everyone else to help him but me), was all about me today. It was perfect timing. We took Gigi for a walk after school. We played soccer together, he drew me a picture and I gave him a tubby…his favorite thing. We laughed and laughed and he has the very best laugh, it is the best medicine. When I put him to bed he snuggled me as I read him books. I got the biggest hug before I left his room and heard his sweet voice say, “I love you mommy.” It was just what my soul needed.

I am grateful for one night without homework! Hallelujah!

I am grateful that our kids are thoughtful and like to make others presents.

I am grateful for my husband. He’s pretty awesome.

I am grateful for sports and my ability to play them.

I am grateful for exercise. It seriously keeps me sane.

I am grateful for our Christmas decorations. I still don’t have them all up but I plugged in every single thing I could plug in when I got home from school! Smiles all around!

I’m grateful for the sunshine that I felt on my face when I was walking with my Fletchy.

So not that I have the authority to tell you it’s ok to be in a funk but that’s what I’m going to do. It is ok. Or at least that’s what I am telling myself! It is ok as long as we remain grateful and keep things in perspective.



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