Corona Virus Quarantine Day #237: Firsts for Lasts: November 14, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #237: Firsts for Lasts: November 14, 2020:

Today was a long and beautiful day, so I will be brief.  I had open house at St. James and was there from 9-2pm.  I always enjoy talking with families that are considering SJA and I was just grateful it was even possible.  Shout out to my girl Amber Hellwig for being awesome and getting it done. It was an amazing event.

After that I had to rush home to pick up the kids for their various activities.  Today was Fletcher’s first ever basketball game.  He literally has been asking about what time his game was for days.  Bryan said all morning he had a countdown on until his game. When you are the youngest of 5 you get dragged to a lot of games for other people…so when you get a chance to play in your own stuff, it’s pretty fantastic.

The highlight of the event was definitely his outfit.  First, I had to convince him that it was illegal for him to just wear his Gabl tank.  He had no interest in wearing a shirt underneath.  Not to mention, the jersey is like 12 sizes too large and no one needs to see his pasty white skin.  He told me “real basketball players don’t wear shirts.”  So that was fun. I told him they wouldn’t let him play if he didn’t put on a shirt and that put this argument to bed.

Then he insisted on wearing Halloween socks.  They were apparently an essential part of the ensemble. 

Next…were the shoes. We had two pair of Jordan basketball shoes from his older brothers.  One are the right size, the other, 2 sizes too large. I bet you can guess which ones he insisted on wearing.  That’s right, the ones 2 sizes too large.  I was worried he’d trip on his feet every time up and down the court.  I’m happy to report, he did not. 

I am coaching his team and at the age of 5 it’s 3 v 3 and the coach is basically on the court the entire time helping them learn where to go and what to do.  I started the game freezing cold in the large facility we were in and ended the game drenched in sweat.  Coaching 5 year olds with a mask on is a whole different kind of challenge.  It was an absolute blast either way and he was awesome (his words, not mine). 

Fletcher is a big fan of passing. He does a good job dribbling but he will have a wide open shot and pass it. His Daddy was proud!
This does not do his outfit justice…wish I had gotten a better one, but next time I will. I have no doubt his next outfit will be just as fabulous.

My favorite part of our kids playing sports is how much they genuinely cheer for each other.  Cooper was playing a game of his own and at half time ran over to ask Fletcher how his game went.  That kind of stuff melts the heart.  Ellen may be the most nervous spectator of all time. She loves to cheer on her brothers but cannot handle being on the sideline.  She wants to be in the game too, the most supportive sister ever!

Fletcher even remembered to thank the official…I about lost it!  We talk about this a lot and I’m glad that something that I say sticks. He just walked right over to him and said “thank you!” So sweet!

So on a day that was full of activities I’m so grateful that we all got to do said activities.  I’m praying that they will continue to during these bizarre times.

I’m grateful for St. James Academy and the awesome people I get to walk through life with each and everyday.  I may be biased, but it’s a pretty special place.

I love to watch kids compete, even kids who aren’t my own.  I love sports so much and all the lessons they teach, so I am also grateful for sports. 



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