Corona Virus Quarantine Day #231: Holiday Fun: November 8, 2020:

We had another beautiful day today and I am so grateful.

The boys started their day doing what they love the most, playing basketball.

Then we watched the Chiefs pull out a win and I do love to watch them play. Patrick Mahomes is an incredible player, but I’d argue he’s an even better leader. How many quarterbacks in the NFL do you see game in and game out cheering on their team until the very last play? I’d argue not very many. Man…he’s really so much fun for this coach to watch. What a great example he is to young players.

At halftime we decided to go spend some time outside. The weather was beautiful and we were able to go for a hike as a family on one of our trails, which was awesome. Fletcher wanted to have a picnic there so he packed a bag with some goodies for everyone.

We also spent some quality time having a family hockey game. We only have two hockey sticks so the kids have to get creative. I love how much fun they have together playing their hockey game.

After all of this, we spent some time getting more Christmas decor put up! My favorite thing…

Do you remember when you were a kid and it was time to decorate for Christmas?

Man, do I remember. Gaga (my mom) had all of the best decor and we always played the best music, danced around the house, ate Jingles (which they no longer make…sadly) and dipped them in tea. My sister and I always put on a Christmas program complete with dancing. She almost always tried to lift me above her head, which on the regular…didn’t go very well. Jingle Bells by Barbara Streisand was the very best song and our go to dance routine. That song just puts my right back in my basement as a kid!

Also, Joe Bell crushed the light game outside (I think my husband would prefer I not love so many lights on the house and in the yard). I have to blame my dad for that. As a kid we lived on a hill and when you drove down the street our house looked incredible. Every bush, every window and every piece of the roof was covered in lights. It was amazing.

Those memories are such a happy time in my childhood and I really love that our kids love to decorate as much as I do.

They were asking all day if we could put the tree up, so put it up we did. We listened to Christmas music, we laughed and talked about how they would decorate their rooms. Fletcher was going through the boxes of decor and kept sneaking upstairs to put stuff he found in his room. Finley and Cooper searched through the extra lights in the garage and brought some up to their room to plan how they’d decorate and the girls cleared off their dressers to make way for all the decor they plan to have in their room!

In order to get the Christmas up we had to get the Halloween down. Fletcher wasn’t exactly helpful…but he was entertaining.

What fun we had! It’s fun to see the things they take year after year to decorate their room. They all have their favorites.

Fletcher showing Cooper all the things he “decorated” his room with!
This was one of my favorite decorations as a kid too! Fletcher was more interested in getting inside of it.

What were yours?

I loved the ornaments my mom bought with pictures of our family on them. She has bought them for Bryan and I and our family since we’ve been married. I love to look at our tree and see them there. I also had an obsession with this little candy cane holder that is now sitting on my counter.

Good LORD, I love Christmas. I know we are decorating so very early, but holy moly, I just can’t get enough of it and the house just looks so warm and inviting and so happy.

I hope our kids never lose their excitement for decorating. We truly only got started so we have a long ways to go…that’s ok, I can’t wait!



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