Corona Virus Quarantine Day #228: Tooth Fairy, tryouts and tantrums: November 5, 2020:

It’s been a day. It’s been a week. It’s been a year.

I’m going to have to keep it short tonight as I am quite sleepy. The day started with a 3am wake up call from Fletcher, who had wet his bed. So up we went to strip the sheets, change his clothes and then get him back to sleep. The trouble…I couldn’t get back to sleep.

So I prayed, like 15 rosaries. So, that’s good.

I wore a dress to school today and the highlight of my day was when I walked out of my bedroom wearing said dress and Cooper said “wow mom, I like your dress.” Be still my heart. This boy has the sweetest heart and is so thoughtful.

Then I dropped the kids off and headed to school.

I had an awesome guest speaker today in my non profit social welfare explorations class. He is a clinical psychologist and works at a veteran’s hospital. It was very interesting to hear his path to that job and hear him speak of the work he does. This class is my absolute favorite, we have the very best speakers and these kids are learning so much about different non profits and careers in social work. I have learned so much as well!

Today I got a handwritten note from a sophomore in high school who had emailed me on a Friday night to update his grades for things he had turned in really late. He was grounded…so I updated his grade on a Friday night. Today, he waited after class to give me a handwritten note telling me he was appreciative of me and that he would never let it happen again. I can honestly say this is a first. Good work by this young man…good work by this young man’s parents.

After school we headed to basketball tryouts. 4 of the 5 kiddos has tryouts today all at different times so we set up a picnic, played some football, took a walk and kept ourselves busy during their different tryouts times. These kids want a basketball season so bad. I prayed one of my 15 rosaries last night that they’d stay in school and get to play their winter sports.

When I finally arrived home at nearly 7pm after leaving the house at 7am I was more than ready to be home. In the brief time between getting home and getting the kids to bed Finley pulled out one of his teeth and Fletcher attempted to pull out one of his. The only problem was, Fletcher attempted to pull out a permanent tooth. Yep, that’s right. He has lost 2 teeth and he was very upset he couldn’t pull out his adult tooth, which he was convinced was loose. Apparently he wanted the tooth fairy to make a 2 stop shop tonight. Poor guy lost his mind. I tried to explain it to him that he couldn’t pull out a permanent tooth but he wasn’t having it. It wasn’t pretty, the poor guy was so tired.

So…after a long day and a long night, I’m ready to go to bed. Still avoiding this election drama for now. However, I heard Anderson Cooper describe the president of the United States as “an obese turtle on his back failing in the hot sun,” so that was a first.

This is the weirdest year…for sure.

Keep those Christmas present ideas coming. I’m now down to 50 days.



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