Corona Virus Quarantine Day #227: 51 Days: November 4, 2020:

I know we should be chatting about the election debacle. I. just. can’t. So instead, I decided to use my night to clear the house of the Halloween decor to make way for the Christmas decor. Feel free to judge me. I’m ok with it.

Then it dawned on me as the mail arrived in my kitchen and it was full of magazines and catalogs selling all the latest gadgets for the Christmas season…I haven’t bought a single present. But, surely, I have time right? No!

So I got out the trusty phone and decided to ask Siri how many days until Christmas and the answer made me nervous…51 days!

In 2020 51 days could feel like 2 years but really, that is not a lot of time. I am buying for 5 small children and their interests change every 12 minutes so I am stressing a little bit on what to get them. If anyone has good gift ideas for 10 year old boys, a 10 year old girl, an 8 year old girl or a 5 year old boy feel free to send them my way!

I’ve heard requests from hover boards, to ice skates (Cooper), to large piles of rocks (Fletcher), to art, to books (Ellen), to legos (Finley) to a bag of spandex (Fiona). Some of these things are practical but most of these things are just that…things. I prefer to give experiences. So, like I said, I’m open to suggestions. In the year that is 2020 I feel like it’s harder to give experiences because we don’t really know if and/or when these experiences will be available to us. Traveling a large question mark as well.

So, now, I’m on a mission to find good gifts for the kids that will not break the bank.

All this talk of Christmas at dinner led to some pretty hilarious conversation. For example, the girls were talking at dinner about how they might like a instant camera (a Polaroid for us old people). I thought that was a cool idea. So I asked them what they would take pictures of, to which Ellen replied, “probably just my friends or flowers or something like that.”

Fletcher thought about it and promptly said, “I’d probably take pictures of my big poop.”

Yep. My friends, that is the difference between my 5 year old son and his 10 year old sister.

Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did actually take a picture of his poop. Also, he found himself to be hilarious when he said this…gross.

So tonight, rather than listen to election results, because, like I said, I just can’t handle the negativity or any more uncertainty right now, I’m going to look through magazines and see what I can find that piques my interest.

Feel free to send those suggestions my way!

Also, for those who are interested in what may be on my wish list for Christmas…I mostly don’t want or need anything (other than a vacation of course) but if I had to put something on my list it would most definitely be an amazing karaoke machine and a microphone that has a stand. I’ve recently discovered that the barn has some amazing acoustics so I plan to have a karaoke party there (when socially appropriate). For now, I will just sing in the barn with my children…don’t judge, I love to sing and music speaks to my soul. In fact, singing is good for the soul, so I will sing on!

This kid. This weather. Thank you LORD for the beautiful weather in November. I’m so grateful that when we get home from a long day at school we can play together outside. A few more days of weather in the 70’s ahead. I am totally down for that!



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