Corona Virus Quarantine Day #223: Trick or Treat: October 31, 2020:

Today was a great day. I got to spend an entire day with my humans. I was able to help coach Ellen’s 5th grade CYO volleyball team in their tournament and I’m happy to report that they won. Ellen is an extremely hard working person who cares very deeply about doing the right thing and she’s very competitive. So it was such a sweet moment to see her little team win the tournament beating three teams they had lost to in the earlier part of the season.

She. was. so. excited. It was precious.

She’s also the only 5th grader with knee pads that have been signed by Audriana Fitzmorris and Jenna Gray.

Then I got to trick or treat with my humans and man did they have a good time. It was nice to be outside on such a beautiful day and we were pleasantly surprised by how m at people were handing out candy! There were a lot of full sized candy bars this year and the kids were pretty pumped about that! I only had to carry Fletcher twice so I categorize that as a win. Seeing my people be so happy brings me so joy. Being a mom is pretty cool.

As always the pictures can tell the story better than I can…

Black Panther aka Fletcher. He was pretty psyched to get free candy!
Cooper has always been a Tom Brady fan and he insisted his trusty sidekick come along…so Bryan was Gronk! This is a keeper for sure!
Black Panther with his Bingo loving buddy!


Tom Brady sure has aged a bit.

It was nice in this year full of weirdness and abnormal to have something normal. The kids forgot for a little while about Corona virus and it was nice to be among people just having fun.



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