Corona Virus Quarantine Day #222: Pumpkins and Halloween Rocks: October 30, 2020:

Today it was 65 degrees and sunny and it was glorious. The kids had a half day which always leads to craziness. We were outside all afternoon and it was amazing…everyone should sleep well tonight.

Because we weren’t able to have our annual pumpkin party with the volleyball girls because of Covid, I decided we’d make up for it today.

We sat out on the driveway in the sun and painted rocks and carved pumpkins.

Tonight we enjoyed eating pumpkin seeds and watching a Halloween movie. It’s really the simple things in life. I can’t do the day or night justice…but the pictures will.

If there was an award for the most patient child to ever live…this guy, right here…Finley Joe would absolutely knock it out of the park. He is so patient and kind and so good with his baby brother.
On a side note, it’s that time of year that magazines come in the mail for Christmas! I can still remember flipping through catalogs as a kid and circling things we liked or ear marking pages! Some things never change. Our kiddos love to do the same. Fletcher pretty much circles everything he sees except “girl stuff”. He doesn’t understand why that has to be in there.
The final products! Also, Ellen looks like a teenager…I can’t.

All and all it was a glorious day spent with my favorite human beings.

GOD is good.



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