Corona Virus Quarantine Day #218: Goodness: October 26, 2020:

Today we got our first snow of the year. If you haven’t had a young person that lives in your house that loves snow as much as Fletcher Dorsey does…it’s quite something. There was barely a dusting on the ground and he could barely contain himself.

All he could talk about on the way to school this morning was how he’d play in the snow after school.

He got his wish. Thanks to our babysitter, they somehow pushed enough snow together to build 4 snowmen.

Somehow, he’s not in the picture. But I’m impressed. There was not even inch of snow on the ground so I am really uncertain how they did this! They were pretty proud of themselves.

When I arrived home from practice tonight I found the sweetest card from a sweet 8-year-old girl I helped coach this season. I love when people do thoughtful things. This made my day!

I love that she pointed out that I was her first volleyball coach. That made the card even more special.

In other news, I voted today. It felt good to do my civic duty and to get it done early.

Finally, I read this today from our friends book while I was waiting in the pick up line and it spoke to me…

Grit is key. I love how it says “warrior spirit” and how you need tenacity to survive situations that suck the spirit out of most people. I couldn’t agree more. Grit is key in life, especially in 2020.

I continue to have enormous gratitude for all the goodness in my life. Even when things are crazy, I’m so grateful.



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