Corona Virus Quarantine Day #210: Sports For Days: October 18, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #210: Sports For Days: October 18, 2020:

Today I was in the barn from 12:30-5:30 straight and it was glorious. It’s my new favorite place to hang out. On Sunday’s I am typically there a lot no matter what but today was extra a lot!

My barn time started with Fiona’s 3rd grade volleyball team. We had a practice and it was awesome. They have all gotten so much better, it has been a lot of fun to see their growth. Then I worked with Ellen (per her request) for almost 90 minutes. I didn’t realize it was that long because we were having so much fun. I am really proud of her for working hard. She loves volleyball and it means a lot to her to get better.

After that I had a lesson with two girls I have been training for a long time. I love to work with middle school kids and so enjoy seeing their progress. These two have really come so far!

When I walked back up to the house thinking my time in the barn was done Fiona was waiting for me wanting to go back to play more volleyball. I have a hard time saying no when then kids ask to play something so I headed right back down to the barn to play with Fiona. After an hour we were tired and walked back to the house. When I arrived there Fletcher was waiting for me this time and insisted we go play basketball, he doesn’t really know how to take no for an answer.

So back to the barn I went. He mostly likes to dribble full speed around the gym but we were trying to learn how to shoot a layup. He’s not the best listener in the world, so we will hope to get better at that!

Full speed dribbling at it’s finest!

We had a lot of fun just me and my Fletchy. When I looked at my phone and saw it was 5:30 it was time to go to the house and make dinner. The boys had been asked to sub in a football game and I knew they’d come home hungry!

It’s been a full and fun weekend with my favorite humans. As I made dinner I reflected on how blessed I am to have grown up playing competitive sports. That fact has certainly shaped my life for the better. For one, I am fortunate enough to still be able to play. I know a lot of people aren’t as lucky. I learned so many things from my sporting career like how to time manage, how to work hard, how to overcome hardship and how to fight for what I really want in life. Sports taught me a lot and now I get to teach these things to not only my own humans, but their friends and kids all across the state of Kansas. It’s such a blessing.

I am incredibly grateful to get to do this with my best friend, Bryan, and our kids are blessed to grow up around it. They understand sports and they know right from wrong when they are on the field or court. They are good teammates and cheer on their friends and teammates and encourage them when they are struggling. They are only 10, 8 and 5 and I can already see the lessons they are learning from the sports they are playing and from all their time in a gym with their parents and our teams.

Sports are beautiful. I got to play sports for 5 straight hours today and I feel great and couldn’t be more thankful. A huge thank you to Bryan for pushing us to build that barn. It’s been a true blessing.

A huge thank you to all the people that let me coach their kids. I love every second of it. I was born to do this and I will always fight for and advocate for all of our kids.

I also want to thank my parents, neither of whom were really given the opportunity to play competitive sports. If they hadn’t got us into sports and volunteered to coach our things in grade school who knows where I might be or what I might be doing. Also thank you for coming to everything Jennifer and I ever did. I know now, as a parent, that is a labor of love and I am grateful that I could look in the stands and see your faces.

To all my teammates past and present. I love you. Each of you. I learned from every single one of you and I miss the days of keeping score and having that score matter. I will never forget those days.

To all my coaches. Thank you for pushing me to be my best. You didn’t always make it easy, but you made me better because of it. You showed me how I wanted to be as a coach and I learned so much from each of you.

I got to top off my day watching the last part of Glory Road with my kids. If you haven’t seen this movie…run, don’t walk. It’s amazing. It may just be my favorite sports movie ever. To watch those boys do something that has never been done, something that was against all the odds just makes me feel incredible joy and reminds me, once again, of the beauty of sports.

Sports are my life, in the very best of ways. I am so grateful that I now get to do the things I love most with the people I love most.



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