Corona Virus Quarantine Day #209: Out of the Mouths of Babes! October 16, 2020:

I am a bit speechless today, mostly because I’m tired. But I wanted to share some funnies I heard from my kids and my nephews today.

I asked them if they could do anything in 2020, nothing is off the table, what they would pick. Here were there answers:

Finley (10): I want to go to a Chiefs game. To which I replied, “like the Super Bowl?” His response: “Any Chiefs game would be good.” I told him to aim higher. However, I can assess from his answer and from knowing him like I do, that he is very low maintenance and it doesn’t take a lot to make him happy. He will undoubtedly find joy in whatever he is doing. “Boring” isn’t in his vocab and I love that about him so much!

Ellen (10): I want to go back to Hawaii. To which I replied, “do you want to do anything specific in Hawaii?”. She said, “No just all the Hawaii things.” My assessment of this answer…Ellen is so much like me. She has really fond memories of a trip we took there 2 years ago and she likes the nostalgia of it all and wants to relive it, especially after this weird year of 2020. Good LORD, I love this about her, her desire to maintain traditions. Ellen and Finley are very much the same, easy to please, laid back and so, so, sweet.

Cooper (10): I want to tour with Garth Brooks all around the world. I had no follow up question for this one, I absolutely could have guessed that answer. He writes down the names of Garth Brooks songs on a notepad in his room. He sings them under his breath. He loves Garth Brooks, partly because his Daddy does too and that warms my heart so much. This kid aims high, dreams big and loves hard, so nothing about this request was shocking. Could not love this or him more!

Fiona (8): I want to play a beach volleyball game with Kerri Walsh in Hawaii at Dole Plantation. Yes, this was her actual answer. Also, I could have guessed it would have been something like this. She also has great memories of our time in Hawaii and she loves pineapple and Dole Plantation is full of it! She also has an amazing imagination. Also, she loves Kerri Walsh and volleyball so this all makes sense. Love this about her so much! She also aims high and dreams big. She and Cooper are very similar that way!

Fletcher (5): I want to live with Logan (his cousin). Logan smiled. I laughed, not surprised. I followed this up with “Fletcher, you could have anything in the whole world and your one request is that you live with Logey?” To which he replied, “yes, cause I love him.” My heart. Whoever Fletcher loves in his life, he will love them fully. He’s just like his Daddy in that regard. Some girl someday will be very lucky, just like me.

Hunter (10): I want to play a basketball game with the old Celtics like Larry Bird and Jerry West. To this, someone replied, “aren’t they all dead?” Which made Bryan and I laugh. No they are not all dead buddy. Hunter’s answer didn’t surprise me either. He was sitting there at the table in his Celtics sweatshirt and he loves sports. He is literally a boy with my sister’s face, she makes a very cute freckly 10 year old boy. I love him so.

Logan (8): I want to go on a fishing tour. Again…no surprise. I spent pretty much the whole quarantine with these 7 kids and we fished a lot. Logan was the expert fisherman. He is the best at putting the worms on and taking the fish we catch off the line. It’s definitely his thing and he loves that everyone knows it’s his thing. He is such a sweet soul and his dimples are too much…I love him dearly as well.

Bryan and I agree on our pick for 2020…we both want a Hawaiian vacation. It’s fun to dream.

Regardless of how far fetched this all may be I am grateful for this table conversation with my 7 small humans. I am grateful that our kids get to grow up with their cousins. I am extremely grateful that I am married to a man who is so good and I love even more that I can see his goodness in our children. So…so….grateful that it is Friday, I’m beat!

Gotta love and appreciate GOD’s art work!



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