Corona Virus Quarantine Day #208: PT Conferences: October 15, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #208: PT Conferences: October 15, 2020:

Today was a long day, but an awesome one. I got to teach, which I love, got to meet and talk with my kids teachers and I got to coach some volleyball.

I’m gassed but filled up!

I’m so grateful to Sacred Heart for allowing our kids to be in school full time. They are thriving. I am grateful they had conferences so we could meet with their teachers and hear their insight on our children. I was grateful to hear that they are polite and kind humans when they are at school.

I have to say this about our volleyball game…the defense played on both sides of the net was insane. We had 124 digs in 3 sets. That’s 40 digs a set. For those of you that don’t know volleyball…that’s A LOT! It was insane. Our defense was crazy but so was St. Teresa’s, so there were a lot of long rallies. I love volleyball so much…man it was fun tonight to watch those kids fly all over the floor. Our JV game has me jumping out of my seat too. It was a fun night of volleyball for sure.

The best part of the night is that our kids got to be at the game, which hasn’t happened much at all this season because of Covid. I love having them at our matches. They love the girls, the drum line and of course the volleyball. The whole way home they gave me their assessment of the game. It was interesting to see how accurate it actually was to what actually happened.

When we got home I got a present from Fletcher that he had actually wrapped and it was full of all kinds of treasures like seashells, old medals and even some bouncy balls. The highlight was that he found an old “bra” that I had to wear with a strapless dress when I was in a wedding years ago. He thought it was absolutely hilarious! We all got a few laughs at the very least.

He thought it was pretty awesome. This kid kills me.

I am spent, so off to bed I head! I’m grateful for a day filled with my favorite humans and favorite things!



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