Corona Virus Quarantine Day #207: See A Need, Fill It. October 14, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #207: See A Need, Fill It: October 14, 2020:

For the past 6 years I have organized an event at St. James to raise money for Pediatric Cancer.  Our kids have always been a part of what we try to do there.  I wrote about my reasons why last month in my post “My Why”. 

To briefly summarize those reasons here, pediatric cancer has impacted our school and people I love.  As a result, the Lemon Out was born, because to me, sitting back and doing nothing for kids who get next to nothing from the federal government to fight their illness, was not an option.

About two weeks ago, when St. James was hosting our dress down day for the Lemon Out event, on the way to school the kids were asking why their school couldn’t have a Lemon Out dress down day too.  I thought that was a great question.  So the whole way to school we talked about how they could make that happen at their own school.  THEY is the key word. If they wanted to see it happen, they would need to make it happen themselves.

I told them they’d need to make a presentation to show their principal Mrs. Rhodes to ask permission.  They’d have to “sell” the reason for the dress down day so that she’d feel compelled to support it. 

When they got out of the car that day I figured it would be the last of that conversation.  I am happy to report…I was wrong.  That afternoon the girls wanted to make a presentation.  Everyday, until that presentation got made Ellen and Fiona asked about it.  I showed them some facts and graphics I had that they could use in their presentation and that bad boy got made.

I emailed Mrs. Rhodes to give her heads up so she wouldn’t be blindsided by my girls and then I told the girls it was 100% up to them.  They needed to set up a meeting with Mrs. Rhodes to show her the presentation.  That morning they got right out of the car and walked over to her on the sidewalk and set up that meeting. 

I was incredibly proud of them.  One thing I want our kids to learn is how to talk to adults.  It’s a critical skill, one I feel, more and more kids are struggling with these days.  So to watch them go right up to her and ask for a meeting made my mom and teacher heart so proud. 

To make a long story short, they gave the presentation and Mrs. Rhodes agreed to allow the kids to be out of uniform in an effort to raise more money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand.  I really wish I could have been in that room that day when they presented it to her. When they came out of school that day they were pretty sure they had done great work. I was glad to hear them be confident about their presentation.

When Mrs. Rhodes gave them the go ahead…the kids were beyond excited and couldn’t wait until the day arrived.

Well…that day, was today.  I have to tell you it was pretty awesome to go to Sacred Heart to pick up the money and see all those kids and teachers with yellow shirts on.  I know the kids felt great pride in their part in making that happen.

Tonight we counted the money and the grand total was…$1,475.06. 

The kids were blown away by that number.  Fiona said that’s more money than I’ve ever had.  Finley responded with a simple “oh my!” They all felt immense pride in the fact that they helped raise that money to help kids with cancer. 

As a parent there is so much to teach our children, it’s exhausting really.  Many, many times we feel like we are failing.  This kid is struggling with speech, this kid isn’t as strong a reader, this one is shy, this one won’t speak up in class, they don’t remember to say please or thank you with out a reminder…the list goes on and on.  We worry at night that we didn’t give them the attention that they need or say the right thing when they were upset or give them the proper punishment when they are bad that will ensure they will learn their lesson. There are so. Many. Things. To. Teach.    

Occasionally, we parents, do something right.  I can say that from these parents, we want to raise children who are the kind of people that see a need and fill it.  We want to raise kids who take action when they see injustice.  Tonight, I’m happy to say our kids did just that and we could not be more proud. 

Tonight, Bryan and I feel great pride in our children.  They have watched us over the past 6 years pour our hearts into the Lemon Out.  They understand why it is important, even our 5-year-old can tell you that pediatric cancer patients only get 4% of the national budget.  They took what they have experienced through us at St. James and with our family friends who have dealt first hand with pediatric cancer and they applied it to their own world at Sacred Heart and my heart is bursting with pride. 

I’m so grateful to Mrs. Rhodes and Sacred Heart students and families for playing along in their dream to help mommy and daddy raise more money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand.  Working, living and raising our kids in a community like Sacred Heart and St. James is a gift that I will always be grateful for.  Our kids are blessed.

This makes my heart so happy! I love these yellow shirts so much, I love these humans so much.



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