Corona Virus Quarantine Day #204: Family Pictures: October 11, 2020:

Today we got a chance to take family pictures. Usually we take them in the summer but with the stay at home order I couldn’t get them scheduled. So here we are…taking our annual family photos in October.

If you are in need of a family photo, which as a mom, I highly recommend, I can’t say enough good things about Tamalee Baker and Moment in Time Design. She’s patient, kind and so talented. The kids love her. Today she even taught them all how to use her camera. She does all the little things that make a stressful day…so awesome! She’s a total stud…or as Fiona describes her “she’s so nice and pretty and her camera is amazing and heavy.”

The girls were even trying to convince Tamalee to bring her to one of her daughters dance competitions. The greatest part is Tamalee has been a part of their growth. She has watched them grow up and even though we only see her once a year it always seems like it was just yesterday!

The day was smoother than I expected it to be and our outfits were coordinated as best as we could find. A shout out to Bryan Dorsey for coming up with the buffalo plaid ensemble. It was a hit. He even bought Gaga a matching vest.

After pictures, because they were so good we took them to Freddy’s for lunch and ice cream. That pretty much made us heroes.

The afternoon was filled with flag football, rollerblading and basketball and volleyball in the barn. I love Sunday’s with my sweet little humans.

This kid in his Black Panther costume. He woke up this morning put in on immediately and came down to “scare” me with his super powers. Also…he is terrifying on roller blades. He seriously flies down the hill and it a bit too much to handle for mommy…Holy Moses.
One legged roller blading. The girls wanted Mommy to try…not so much ladies…not so much! I’ll roller blade, but on one leg? Nope!

Here is everyone’s highlight from the weekend:

Fletcher: The best part of my weekend was taking pictures, I was awesome. OOH and getting my Black Panther costume. The worst part was getting my mullet cut, I miss my mullet. I hate my new hair (you can’t make this stuff up).

Finley: The best part of your weekend was our football game, it was so much fun, then we got to stay and watch Logan play and play more football. It was so cool.

Cooper: The best part of my weekend was playing football on Saturday with Finley, Nolan, and Hunter.

Ellen: The best part of my weekend was watching Mommy and Daddy’s team play. That was super fun.

Fiona: The best part of my weekend was my volleyball game and getting to watch St. James play at St. James.

GOD is good!

Finley snuggling his puppy before bedtime. Gigi Jingles loves her some Finley Joe!



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