Corona Virus Quarantine Day #203: Saturday Madness: October 10, 2020:

Today was a Saturday like most…it involved all of us going different directions and a lot of sports! Fiona played volleyball at 8am so it was a bright and early start for us. She was very excited because the other team was good and could serve over the net and there were multiple volley’s! In 3rd grade…that’s a big deal. Then her day was made complete by the fact that she got to hang out at St. James and watch her parents team play.

More than any of our kiddos Fiona has seemed to really miss being around the gym. She asks all the time if she can come, I wish she could…I wish they all could!

The boys got to watch us play too and they loved that as well! Cooper really wanted to call serves…but we aren’t there yet. That sweet boy loves to be in the gym too!

Then the boys got to go off to football with Grandma! Aunt Jenny and Uncle Luke showed up early so props to her for taking some video footage of my people when I couldn’t be there!

Pulling some flags!
More flag pulling. Next year is supposed to be the start of tackle…we shall see!

Gaga took Ellen and Fletcher to his soccer game. Ellen gave me the play by play when I saw her after our match.

So, it was a busy morning. Then we took Fletcher to get a long awaited haircut. He pleaded with us to not cut the mullet but we secretly told the woman cutting his hair it had to go. Scooby Doo kept him busy while she shaved that nonsense off his head. I can’t tell you how glad I am to see it gone! He looks like a sweet little boy again.

Cooper also got a much needed hair cut and he looks equally adorable.

Then we came home and the girls and I tried on outfits for our photo shoot tomorrow. We are taking family photos tomorrow. I have a love hate with family photos. On one hand, they are the only pictures I can assure I am in. On the other hand, I detest coordinating the outfits and getting 6 people ready.

In the end I am always grateful we got them done.

It’s been another full day. I am grateful that amidst this pandemic our kids are able to play sports, go to school and have some normal in their lives. I am also grateful that I get to do what I love everyday with kids I love and for a school that I love.

Some quotable things from the day:

Fletcher: (said while driving down the highway): “I wish I was a monkey so I could fly from tree to tree, that would be awesome.”

Fiona: “Mom, What do you call a sea gull that flys over the bay? A bay-gull!”

GOD is good.



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