Corona Virus Quarantine Day #198: Home town team: October 5, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #198: Home town team: October 5, 2020:

Growing up as a kid in the 1990s in Chicago my sister and I were obsessed with the Chicago Bulls.  We were very lucky to get to see the Bulls play in person when they were at their very best.  I distinctly remember MJ diving for a lose ball in our direction. I felt like I could reach out and touch him! It was crazy. Another time Dennis Rodman, who often took off his jersey and threw it in the crowd, threw it in our general direction…sadly it didn’t reach us. Oh…the memories!

Michael Jordan was always the talk of the town and Dennis Rodman certainly kept things interesting.  When playoff season came it was among the most exciting time in our young lives. 

Now, living in Kansas City, it is so much fun to watch the same phenomenon with our own kids and their Chiefs (it’s fair to say they also saw the Royals win a World Championship too…which is pretty stinking cool). 

Last February we had a Dorsey family Super Bowl party.  It was epic. There were a lot of games played, a lot of fun had and a lot of celebrating when the Chiefs pulled off that win.  The kids even had a “champagne” roast outside (aka apple cider).  The adults toasted something all together different inside.

This was the last time we gathered in a large group of people before Covid hit and gatherings were no longer a thing. 

That really hit me today when I was listening to our kids talk about another Chiefs Super Bowl run on the way to school and how they hoped we could have another family party. Me too kids, me too. Who knows what will happen as the Patriots quarterback Cam Newton is out with Covid right now. These are weird times we are living in, weird times.

Watching them cheer on their hometown team tonight really brought me back to those memories on 10347 W. 147th Street in Orland Park, Illinois.  The parties we had, the late night swims after a win and the elation we felt when our city did it again and again! 

I love that our kids are getting to experience that same pride and joy in their city and in their team.

I swear watching the Bulls win during my childhood is one of the reason I grew to love team sports so very much. 

So today, I am grateful that I got to come home from practice, hang with my favorite humans and watch our home town team get another win!

My sweet Moose man wearing his Mahomes jersey getting pumped during tonight’s Chiefs game!
Gotta have a football game of our own before the game gets started!



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