Corona Virus Quarantine Day #197: Sunday Funday: October 4, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #197: Sunday Funday: October 4, 2020:

For the sake of documenting history, it’s important to point out that President Trump and his wife have both tested positive with Corona Virus.  He was moved to the Walter Reed Military Hospital to be more closely scrutinized.  The details of how sick the President is or what treatments he is in need of or receiving seems to be very unclear.

What is clear, however, is that there are some very disturbed people in the USA so filled with hate that they are posting messages like “karma’s a bitch” and “I hope he dies.”

When I saw these messages it shocked me.  I understand that some people dislike Donald Trump.  I also understand that they don’t want him to be our president…but to wish someone dead?  That’s ghastly. 

This very sentiment is what is wrong with the world.  We lack compassion, we lack empathy, we lack the ability to see past our differences and wish each other well.  Maybe if the USA, specifically the government, had a little bit more of this, we wouldn’t be living in such a divisive time. 

Maybe, just maybe, if more people had faith and the presence of GOD in their life, we would have more peace and less hate. 

For the love of all that is holy…feel free to dislike this man as much as you want…but don’t wish another human being dead.  Gross.  Just gross.

Now that I got that off my chest…I’m thankful for an undisturbed Sunday at home with my kids.  Just good quality time with my people.  The weather was perfect!  We played in the barn a lot in the morning and outside a lot in the afternoon.  Rollerblading, swinging on swings, chasing the dog and we even had a family soccer and volleyball game.   We opted for kids eat free at Spin Pizza which completed my perfect day because it didn’t require me to cook (always a win in my book)!

These uninterrupted days are few and far between right now, so we must cherish them all.

I also forgot to document that Friday in my American History class we were learning about the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s.  This was a time of celebrating and appreciating African American music, art and literature.  Things like jazz became popular, people like Langston Hughes were well known and sadly, things like segregation were at an all time high.  We had the best conversation comparing time in the 1920s to time today.  I was so proud of these kids, who demonstrate great maturity.  The best part, however, was after all my kids left the room and I was gathering my stuff, one young man walked back in and he thanked me for teaching him about that and for doing it the way I did.  He said I never really understood before how learning history is linked to today but you made that really clear today, so thanks. 

Say what?  A 16-year-old boy you guys.  Seriously the highlight of my day.  So, because I forgot to document it before, I will do so now.  I hope I raise kids who will tell their teacher they enjoyed their lessons and that they appreciate them.  What a stud!

Overall it’s been a really long week and we are about to reset on another, but I am grateful for my family, our health, our jobs and the many blessings we have in our life.

Finley with is “I’m so excited to be at Spin pizza” face. Love this little man!



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